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If you’re keeping score of the celebs (near celebs) and the like that we’re losing at (what I’d call) a record pace, here’s the tally since last week:

Robert Banks Stewart, 84 (Doctor Who, Bergerac, Shoestring – writer)
Al Hart, 88 (American radio host)
Franco Citti, 80 (Italian actor – The Godfather)
René Angélil, 73 (Cèline Dion’s husband and manager; her brother died two days later)
Rex Morgan, 67 (NBA star)
Pete Huttlinger, 54 (gutarist for LeAnn Rimes and John Denver)
Dan Haggerty, 74 (Grizzly Adams)
Noreen Corcoran, 72 (Gidget Goes to Rome, The Girls on the Beach, Bachelor Father)
Ted Marchibroda, 84 (American football player and coach)
Gary Loizzo,70 (singer, American Breed)
“Iron” Mike Sharpe, 64 (professional wrestler)
Bob Harkey, 85 (racecar driver)
Dale Griffin, 67 ( drummer, Mott the Hoople)
Mic Gillette, 64 (Tower of Power)
Blowfly, 76 (American musician and music producer)
And, today, Glenn Frey (The Eagles, solo)

So, my plea to the universe to stop taking our celebs last Thursday has fallen upon deaf celestial ears. Sixteen since Thursday alone. Jon, from The Beer Dads, and I were talking eagles_reason_9_v_g_mpabout this very thing this evening. The elder celebs – the ones that our parents may have grown up idolizing – while having a lot of “press” for their days, didn’t have the mass media that we had at our disposal from the late 60s on. Therefore the celebs that we grew up with have been highlighted in movie soundtracks, MTV, VHS, DVDs, Netflix, etc. have been more, and constantly so, in our face and in our minds. So, it seems that they’re all starting to fall at once, or at least we’re noticing it more. Another thing to consider is that Mercury is in retrograde (whatever that means) and it could some weird circumstance on it, but I doubt that one. Anywhat, here is a plea to the universe, again, please, enough!

Sorry this was late today, but until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I got sick of my job, sick of my wife, sick of my future and sick of my life. I packed up my car and I got some gas and told ev’rybody they could kiss my ass. I’m goin’ to Party town.” – “Partytown” (Frey/Tempchin)