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So back in September I talked about how my eyes were tired, how my contacts were old, how I was just having a hard time seeing.  Well, that’s still true today, but there’s been developments and because it’s what I do, I’m going to tell you about them.

Finally, I (or precisely, The BCPF) got an appointment scheduled and it was yesterday morning. I took out the old, worn, misshapen contacts and put on my old, two-‘scripts-behind eyeglasses and trod off to the eye doc to get some new magical lenses to help me see, to get me back on track and get The BCPF off my proverbial back. Easy peasey, George and Wheezy. Let’s do it and get it over with.

So, I show up and fill out some new BS paperwork that has nothing to do with anything. They called it a “demographic” worksheet. Can you smell that sarcasm? Can you tell I just love being at the eye doctor? Anywhat! I filled it out and a friend of mine, the lovely “Carol,” came out to say hello, see if I needed her for anything and just graced me with her presence. I told her I’d see her in a bit that I was just there for an exam and get new


I hate wearing glasses

contacts. Then they called me on back. The “nurse” ran me through the clicking for squiggly lines thing, the Optomap, the weird balloon in the distance thing and blew puffs of air into my eyes. She checked my glasses ‘script and just said a bunch of “hmmm”s.

She then moved me up to an actual examination room with all the gears and bells and charts and stuff and sat me in a chair. She loaded all my stuff in the computer and I waited for Dr. Steve to come in. He came in and I said that I knew he didn’t want to hear it but I had been wearing the same contacts for months and rarely, if ever, took them out. He just shook his head in disappointment and turned to the computer and perused it and the paperwork in my file. I, without my glasses, couldn’t see jack and heard him mumble something (I say mumble but really, I can’t hear for crap and even in a regular voice, which it probably was, I couldn’t hear it), and I said, “did you just say ‘that’s not good.’?” and he confirmed that it was; all whilst I sat there looking at haze.

He turned and said, let’s look at your eyes. I had to put my chin in that stirrup and he glared into my beautiful greens and then pulled away. He got something out of the cabinet and told me to put my head back. He put dye in my eyes so he could see stuff. He went back to looking in my eyes with blue laser lights (at least that’s what it looked like). I told him that my eyes were kind of burning and he said, yes, they should be. Not because he was trying to torture me but because, what he was checking for was my corneas were inflamed and scratched. He told me that burn was because they were so swollen. So he prescribed me some steroids to put one drop in each eye, three times a day, for two weeks. He also gave me this “coupon” for paying no more than $35 for it. I said I can’t see great with these glasses and he told me I couldn’t use my contacts for two weeks. So, what am I supposed to do? He said, there’s nothing I (or he) can do. He did say that my problem with my glasses is that my eyes are probably so swollen that it’s throwing them off. He couldn’t do a fitting or an exam because, with the way my eyes were at that moment, it was impossible to get a good reading. He could give me the script for the glasses that I had before, but I’d have to go get them made somewhere that does it in an hour or so because when they order them, it takes a week. Plus, why go spend money on something that is most likely gonna change in the next week anyway?

So, I am annoyed. Not at him, he tells me every single time to stop wearing them when I sleep. I hate messing with them. But, this is my fault because of my stubbornness, mostly, but we’re not rolling in dough right now and contacts are expensive and I can’t afford new ones. I’ll not stop sleeping in them, I know this. So does he. The ones I use are designed to allow it, but not every night for months at a time. Again, I’m stubborn.

Then, I go to Walmart (that’s where I get my prescriptions filled, it’s cheaper) and put it in and tell them I’ll wait and wander about the store staring at the “Wal-Martians” who are in there and they call me on the phone. They tell me that insurance won’t cover because it has to be approved by the insurance by the doctor. All this and that it’s over $200 a bottle. $200+. For a FIVE mL bottle. $200 for just over a teaspoon worth of liquid. I tell them that I have that magic coupon about not paying over $35. They ask me bring it up there. They come back and say that the doctor has to run it by the insurance, first. They suggest that I just go home and call tomorrow (or today as it was) and see what had happened. I get home (I live five minutes away) and my phone rings and it’s the automated Walmart call telling me that my prescription is ready. I call the local pharm and ask what in the honey backed Hades is going on? They said they filled it so whenever the doc and insurance got their stuff together I could just come pick it up and get it.

I called them this morning and they said it was going to be $112. I am still taking that coupon and seeing if I can get it for $35. I don’t care what it is, that’s a rip off. $200+ for a teaspoon of steroids. Bah! The good news is that the doc was right about one thing. With those old contacts not irritating my corneas the glasses are helping a little. VERY little but a little indeed. It’s like they actually do some good, now. Before it was just like not having them on. I can see objects just fine but words, letters and numbers, fahgeddaboudit. So, I’m okay to drive as long as I’m not having to read street signs.

All that, just wanted to update you guys on my adventure. The last time several people said to keep them posted. That’s what I’m doing.

Until tomorrow, keep you eyes healthy and read this blog!
Scorp out!

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” – Nikos Kranzantakis