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My back is a-hurtin’, Dear Reader. The BCPF and I walked a good bit yesterday. After making our way to Atelier on Trade (parking up near Finnigan’s Wake and walking about a block or so) to have our Saturday morning coffee (decaf for moi), we ran over to Twin City Hive to catch up with the owners. We then traveled up to the Fourth Street area talking about looking at various neighborhoods in the city.

When The BCPF’s brother was here at Christmas, we talked about the location of the Zinzendorf Hotel. The Zinzendorf was a majestic luxury hotel that was only open for six months before it completely burned down in just two hours on aa490134f34b2b8bf13dcbf37abe3a3cThanksgiving Day, 1892. We didn’t know where it was, but the city has put up a sign commemorating that location and now we know. It’s just west of Grace Court (a small, quaint and elegant park off of W. Fourth and W. Fifth. We were looking at the neighborhood around there and decided to walk and look at the houses that adorn the area known as “West End.”

We parked Nigel just down from West End Cafe and walked down Brookstown all the way to West End Blvd. From there we walked until we made it to Clover St. Up that treacherous (not really) hill until we reached Glade St. We walked it down the crazy curve until West End Blvd NW (a completely different part) and that we walked all the way to W. First. We walked that back to W. Fourth. A pause… yes, this town is weird. First and Fourth Streets cross. First and Second Streets cross. There are about nine West End Blvd (I believe they were all connected at one time and I’m probably exaggerating on that number). There are about six Clemmonsville Rd, too.

We walked Fourth back to where Nigel was. That was a lot of walking and a lot of hills. And, we had a good time talking about things and enjoying the neighborhood. It was a great day that we finished off with some DiLisios and drinks from Meridian. Great Saturday before The BCPF starts her new job. More on that later! Not a very “silent” Sunday, but oh well…

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The People’s Press summarized the cause and effect of the tragedy: “A building composed of most inflammable material, a gasoline stove, carelessness, no water, and there you go!” The loss was covered by insurance but no one stepped forward to rebuild the glorious Zinzendorf following the failing financial markets of 1893.” – Walking Through Salem Blog