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It’s 10:16pm on Christmas Eve. I spent today getting some pastries from Atelier on Trade, scheduling social media, making deviled eggs and guacamole and spending time with a lot of family. There are generally two types of Christmas families. There are Christmas Eve celebrators and Christmas Day celebrators. My family has always been a Christmas Eve family. The BCPF’s family has always been a Christmas Day christmas_eve_mainA2family. I’m, of course, talking about the whole gift-giving thing and “to do.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. The BCPF’s brother and mother come to my fam’s for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day early dinner. But, when it comes to gifts I’ve always done all my stuff on Christmas Eve (at least the family has) and I only have my son on Christmas Eve because his mother’s (my ex-wife) family has always been a Christmas Day family, too. So, we give him his presents and he gives my in-laws theirs from him and I give The BCPF hers from me on Christmas Eve and she gives me mine on Christmas Day. We’ll open the ones from my family and exchange with the in-laws tomorrow. I know that whole thing is kind of redundant and maybe even a little confusing. I apologize, but it will all be okay. I’m suspecting no one is reading this at 10:23pm on a Thursday (and holiday) evening anyway. I could be wrong, though, lol. I wish we’d all just do it on the same day, but I’m just glad that we get them all together. Ho ho ho!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp (Grinch/Scrooge) out!

“Come Christmas Eve, we usually go to my mom and dad’s.” – Amy Grant