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I am seriously conflicted about the new Star Wars. No, not about the movie itself. Not the crazy hysteria about it. Not the merchandising. The going to see it, that’s what I’m conflicted about. The other stuff? Actually, I truly welcome all the other stuff.

Some of the greatest memories I have of my childhood evolved around three things: KISS, sports and Star Wars. The KISS part I’ve talked about and I’ll pass on it this time. Sports is broad and really not what this post is about. But, Star Wars, I loved Star Wars. It truly consumed me (outside the aforementioned items). The Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakensaction figures (we didn’t have dolls), playsets, light sabers, cereals, lunchboxes, comics, commercials and so on, they were very present in my life. My existence, especially on Saturday morning, during the cartoons, was highlighted by the commercial of the “Sand Speeder” and Vader’s Tie-Fighter and the Tauntauns and the Hoth playset and Hoth Han Solo figure or Boba Fett figure or X-Wing Luke Skywalker figure. How about C-3PO cereal? The plastic light sabers that used its design to create the sounds from the air? The pajamas? The sleeping bags? Man… it was so… so, there! And, it was awesome.

My son seems to give two shites about Star Wars and its history or its place in my life. If it’s not Minecraft (or Mindless Craft, I say) or some stupid video of some guy and his foul-mouthed grandfather, then he doesn’t care about anything. But, I care. In fact, I care a lot. I love that we’re being saturated with Star Wars mania. I know we got some of it when the three prequels came out but this is different. This is the Star Wars that we grew up on, in continuance. I will go on record and say that I didn’t mind the prequels (Jar Jar inclusive) as a way to somehow give some perceived validity to the story line that none of us, outside of people who read the books (of which I knew no one), could figure out why we started at Episode IV. It wasn’t the same but it wasn’t awful, at least to me. But, this is beyond Return of the Jedi. Where we knew the story is where we’ll pick up. I’m very excited about that.

Now, back to my inner-conflict. I love movies. Love. Them. But, unless it’s something special that I figure there won’t be a lot of people involved, I hate going to the movies. They’re overpriced, there’s too many people crowding into a cramped, dark space, there’s people talking and checking their phones while the film is showing and so on. If I want to go to the bathroom, then I’m going to miss part of the film. At my house, I can put a good sound system together with a large screen, high definition television set, a comfortable chair, my bathroom and my food and my alcohol (should I choose to drink it) and I’m quite fine with that. Seeing it on the “big screen” matters very little to me. So, whilst the rest of the country (and world) are losing their minds finding tickets, camping out and just being way over involved, I’m going to wait until it either dies down, moves to a budget theater or just wait for the Blu-Ray or Amazon Prime or Netflix.

So, I reiterate, I love Star Wars but it’s not worth it being in the theater with all the other Star Wars fans. How about you, Dear Reader? Will you be one of the massive surge that contributes to the initial box office record (this is most likely going to happen) or just wait it out? Or, are you one that, like my son, gives two shites about it? I’d love to hear.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“One thing about ‘Star Wars’ that I’m really proud of is that it expands the imagination. That’s why I like the ‘Star Wars’ toys.” – George Lucas