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We’re a little late to the game this year. Usually, The BCPF has us working on the Christmas Tree right after Thanksgiving but this is just two weeks prior to the holiday itself. We had to get a new one because the one we’ve had for the last few years, which has been “okay,” has all of a sudden turned a really, really, weird shade of brownish yellow. It was just over six feet.

So, we were on a mission to get a new tree. I can’t have real trees because of 2015-12-14 01.05.38lifelong allergies and just can’t stand that smell more than a little at a time. So, we went to the dreaded wasteland of crazy (especially at this time of the year), Wally World and bought a new, pre-lit, seven and a half foot white tree. We buy white because it really looks better in our house, which is kind of dark, and the ornaments that we use are kind of dark, it just makes it easier to see all those ornaments.

Now, I’ve always felt like I was looking for “holes” in the ornament farm to place the traditional bulbs, KISS ornaments, special custom bulbs and Disney villains. However, according to The BCPF, she’s wanting to purchase even more bulbs and stuff to fill even more holes. She likes and wants a full tree. And by full I mean full!! I am not going to argue, though. A few reasons why: I don’t really care (I couldn’t care less if there was a tree or not) so why argue?, she loves having the tree and decorating for the holidays. And, as I always say: “happy wife=happy life” and I’m good with that.

She calls this the “compromise tree” because of the color and having it. I told her to get what she wanted, she chose this. The lights can switch between all clear (like shown) or color or an alternating cycle betwixt the both. I prefer the clear (as does she) but 3B wants color. We’ll probably switch it up some, we’ll see.

So Merry and Happy and all that stuff. Whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it is you have a great one and enjoy it with people that you love (or not if you would rather not). If it’s just a few days off, then enjoy that! Be safe and cheers!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The smell of pine needles, spruce and the smell of a Christmas tree – those to me, are the scents of the holidays.” – Blake Lively