Fantasy Football. Remember when I talked about it briefly at the beginning of this football season? Well, we have a Monday Night game tonight and I have one player in it, as does my opponent. His is a kicker and mine is the teams star running back. Ordinarily, I’d say it was coming down to the wire but, honestly, this week, it’s no contest. I am sitting, already, with 152.8 points and my opponent has 61.55. So, to JP (or Little Gurley Man), I say, good game. To me, he is probably saying, screw you. And I will take that because I’m still winning.

That doesn’t really help the overall as of now, though. There is one week left before the playoffs start and only the top 4 teams get in to those playoff spots. Right now, there is one team that is 10-2 (will be 11-2 fantasy-football-team-embarassesmentafter tonight), two that are 8-4 (one will certainly be 9-4, the other must wait to see if their Tight End actually gets any points tonight or not). Then there are five teams that are 6-6. I’m one of those teams. My team will certainly win as it is almost impossible for a kicker to score 90 points. Three of the other 6-6 teams will drop to 6-7. That leaves The BCPF’s team, also 6-6. She’s in the game that the second 8-4 team is playing against. Right now, she’s leading by just over 7 points. If the 8-4 TE does squat, then she and I will both be 7-6, if she loses, I’ll be in that fourth position all alone with one more week before the playoffs start. As of right now, my team is looking pretty good. I’d put it up against any of the others. If I can win next week, I’ll be the bottom seed of the playoffs, barring either of the 8-4 teams losing, then I’ll move up. If I lose, however, I need all the other (soon to be) 6-7 teams to lose, as well. It’s really confusing, but, to me the equations are some of the fun parts (and I hate maths).

So, I’m torn. I’d love for The BCPF to win, because I like her winning. But, I need her to lose for me to be in a position to be in the playoffs. Remember, Dear Reader, I was the fourth seed last year and won the whole thing. I’m okay being the fourth seed. I can win from there. I’ve confidence in my team for the first time this year; every one else was hurt all year. So, I’m wishing me luck and I hope you do, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I played one year of fantasy football in high school. You really get into it. It makes more fans of the NFL, and people love talking about it. They’ll come up to me and say, ‘Why did you throw an interception? You ruined my fantasy team!’ Or they’re happy because they got you for a bargain.” – Andrew Luck