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There’s a struggle. The struggle to make sure you have everything you need for Thanksgiving. The eggs to devil? The pecans to pie? The Bulleit rye whiskey? The Seagram’s 7? The Red Stag? Yeah, sometimes getting it all together is a struggle, especially the night before. Oh woe is us or hashtag first world problems.

So, after a fantastic tasting and interview with Chef Travis Myers at Willow’s Bistro & Bar (you’ll get that story within the week), The BCPF and I went to do the recording of The Less Desirables with just the two of us. I gave Bruce and Caitlin the week off to travel. That’s a joke, really. They said they weren’t going to be there and I said, okay, I’ll handle it. Eugene sent me the TV Update for the week and we proceeded to do a less-than-forty-minute show. Afterwards, we decided that we needed some more booze before “Aunt Betty’s Candy” store gets closed for the holiday. We couldn’t have that.

So we had to make our way down to the Northwest Blvd. store and while the store itself wasn’t really busy, the parking lot was. Cars pulling out three at a time, bulleit-ryealmost running over others almost bumping into other cars and shooting like rockets out of the lot. Getting inside was easy and truthfully shopping was, too. I do wish that instead of putting all the bourbons/darker liquors in alphabetical order that they’d separate the bourbons from the ryes. I understand that the ryes would be few in number but still they’d be easier to find for someone like me: someone that wants to try something new in the ways of rye. I stuck with what I knew and went Bulleit because you can’t go wrong with that. No, not at all. We bought some Red Stag because The BCPF is a fan of that with Coke. I also wanted a taste of my grandfather’s past so I got some Seagram’s 7. We’re caught up now for the holiday.

We then went to the local grocery to purchase the ingredients for what we’ve pledged to bring to The ‘Rents’ Thanksgiving afternoon: my own recipe deviled eggs (which includes bacon drippings, maple syrup and orange juice); The BCPF’s own recipe for mac & cheese; her pecan pie. I also purchased some cute little bottles of Sprite to mix with the Seagrams to have 7 & 7 (yes, I know that’s 7-Up, but these were on sale and the bottles were the perfect amount without it going flat like a 2-litre would). I was actually looking for it to be a circus there and surprisingly, it wasn’t. I was looking for fodder for passage to today’s post and it didn’t come. A relief, to be sure, but disappointing at the same time. We picked up the things we needed, a little bit of cheese and crackers to snack on this evening and we went home. Uneventful, uninspiring. But, we got the stuff and that’s what mattered.

So, all together it was a spectaculicious day. We ate heartily, we spent time with a great chef and food artist, we recorded my “baby” and we got booze. We had the day together. You can’t beat that. No way, man. No way. Now, I have to go drink some. Really, I need to get the eggs ready. And drink.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I hate last-minute shopping, it’s always unsuccessful.” – Cat Deeley