It’s just now 11am and I’ve already gone through thanking and liking over 250 birthday wishes on Facebook. That’s not to brag, I’m just saying that I’m so thankful for caring, loving and thoughtful friends. As soon as I finish liking a wave, a fresh batch comes in. I appreciate it so very much.


The birthday selfie

My forty-five years on this earth have been fantastic, full of great things and I don’t know how I could be any happier. I feel younger, in many ways, than I did even ten years ago. In others, I feel much older. My knees are starting to decide they don’t like me much anymore. My heart is better but would like me to be kinder to it and thanks to The BCPF, I think I am, mostly. She takes such good care of me. But, I’m good. I’m glad to be alive.

Like I said, my friends are all the best. I have a family that loves me. Business partners (all four of them) that rock! To me, the best (hard-headed, but great, still) son in the world. And, the most amazing, loving, dedicated, hardest-working and spectacular woman in the world. Of course, I could use a bit more money, lose a little (okay… a lot) of weight, but other than that? I’m alive, lucky and very happy!

To all of you, I cannot, I mean it’s impossible, to express how much I love each of you. Thank you for being in my life, and here’s a cheers: a beer, a wine, a coffee, a tea, a glass of water, whatever you’ll have, to you all!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss