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Yep, I just Mondayed in my pants. First I’m hoarse from singing yesterday, but that part is definitely not a bad thing. It’s just inconvenient. I got to live a lifelong dream. Basically, have my own backing band whilst singing the songs from KISS Alive! and Alive II albums, in their entirety! No, Dear Reader, that’s all good (and worth it).

I get to Ma ‘Rents’ office to do some reconciling (that’s a long story about Quickbooks being a pain in the arse) and I can’t find some of the statements to do the work. It turns out that they were lost in some other papers, but annoying just the same. I finished what I could of that so I could move on to more fun things like Fan Interference and The Beer Dads. Well, I get here and the hoarseness creates a little problem with the normal voice overs that I do – I do a sports show announcer’s voice, gruff and “sporty-bffb317a713512925b909e84ca5190f5“like – but I persevered. I made it. We go to call Wali, the co-host that we Skype with every week and the computer in the studio that is now dedicated to Skyping isn’t working. The keyboard won’t allow me to type anything out. I can’t type the password to open the computer to find out what is wrong. I just had this same problem fixed a few weeks ago. I’ve had this thing since early 2010 and it’s gotten a lot of use so it’s probably on its last legs.

So, we had to rig an SM58 (that’s a microphone) over TC’s Mac to do a Facetime call with Wali and record that way. The mic response was horrible, the sound quality of the recording was horrible and it was creating some interference which came into the recording. Probably one of the worst sounding ones I’ve done, ever. At least since 2010, when we started The Less Desirables.

I go to look up a phone number in my contacts and I have multiple entries for one person. So I don’t know which is the right one so I send a text to all of them hoping that one will return the person I’m looking for. That’s problematic and I’ve done it before, so I decided to go through and start cleaning the contacts list out. Now, of course this will take a while so I’m not going to sit and do that all day, I have work to do, but this will free up some craziness on this end. At least I hope it does.

Then as I’m about to settle in to write this post, clear up some contacts and throw on some music for the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time, the landlord walks through with some bearded guy and they go behind the studio (into another room) and then there’s a bunch of knocking, hitting, scraping, pounding and other raw sounding noises coming from the other side of the wall where I’m sitting. It’s loud, it’s annoying. I go back to find out what they’re doing and they’re trying to scrape the threads of an old pipe that happens to be in an old abandoned bathroom back there. They have to cap it for something and the threads are rusted. Annoying. I’m starting to get a headache from all this mess and craziness.

I generally don’t mind Mondays. Lots of good things happen on Mondays. Two shows that I really like doing, WWE, Monday Night Football (when in season). All good stuff. Today is not my day. But, it is The Beer Dads night, so I have that (and the beer) to look forward to!

DOH! I just Mondayed in my pants, again.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I’m a man of simple pleasures, really.” – Arthur Darvill