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Tonight is the VIP party for ConvergeSouth, the region’s premier technology and creativity conference for businesses, non-profits, and emerging entrepreneurs. I’ve been part of the planning committee for this year’s conference. I say I’ve been a part. I’ve been included but don’t know how much input or help I’ve been. The conference itself is tomorrow. There are still tix available if you’re interested in going. If you go to the ConvergeSouth website you can purchase from there. It’s a great deal, too.

I’m also a sponsor of the conference. I say “I” but really it’s a group effort. Such-N-Such Limited, Inc., the company that owns, operates and generally forces The Less Desirables, Electric Camel Pod, Fan Interference, Tart & Tangy Triad and The Beer Dads podcasts down your gullet, has started Such-N-Such Media, a subsidiary of Such-N-Such Limited. Inc. I started Such-N-Such Limited, Inc. back in 1997 (it was recognized as a S-Corp by the NC Secretary of State on my birthday of all days) as a business entity for the band I was in at the time. It has also been a preview front burgmusic publishing company (which is still does).

Such-N-Such Media is now the production company that produces the podcasts on the TLD Network, any new podcasts and commercial podcasts for others. It will also do consultations for others who want to start their own podcast, from conception to execution.

We also offer copywriting and copy editing services for blogs, social media posts, commercials, narration, etc. If it needs a script or authoring, we can do it!

We have a stable of possible voices that may be used for advertisements, narration, animation, etc. We can have female voices, male voices, deep and powerful voices, child voices, teenage voices, character voices and the list goes on. If you have a need for a voice over, we can do it!

Are you an author of a book, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, instructional, self-help, autobiographical or any other style of book that you can think of? Do you want to turn that into an audiobook? We produce audiobooks. We can host you whilst you record them or we can hire a voice to record it for you. We charge per finished hour so it’s a matter of how long the book is in hour length not how long it takes us to record it.

We also do audio/video work. Whether its your video that you want edited into a usable medium or you need us to provide the videography, we can provide that service. We do full video services and have professional videographers and editors at our disposal. Also, if you have audio that you need edited (cleaning up, toning down sibilance, leveling, EQing, etc.) or even recorded, we can do that, too.

To be sure, we are a full-service media company. We price to each individual job, not set rates because they don’t always work for everyone. We like to say we are “Personalized Media Solutions.” So, come to ConvergeSouth and talk to us about what we’re doing. Or just contact us here. We want to help you with your media needs.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Personalized Media Solutions” – Such-N-Such Media, a division of Such-N-Such Limited, Inc.