Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and it was Silent Sunday, plus I had to write quickly to get downtown WSNC for SSO4. But, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving out how important it was to mention.

So, I won’t say how old she is, but it’s seven years younger than me and I’ll be 45 in November. She’s my only natural sibling although, as I’ve mentioned we do have a brother. She and I haven’t always gotten along and there were some real rough patches through the years (mainly much younger times) but now we get along great as long as we don’t spend more than a few hours together at a time. That’s not her fault. Well, really it’s not mine, either. I think it’s genetics. We’re each as much “smart arse” as the other and when the two should meet (and really they shouldn’t) it’s like a chemical reaction. So, after a few hours, one of us usually leaves and it lets the reaction go away. It’s like putting the plutonium rods back in the water. Simmer down, now!

But, I certainly don’t want that to sound like we don’t get along. We do get along. I love her and she’s a great mom to my nephews, even the one that’s not really hers. She’s great with them. I feel sorry for the kids sometimes but that’s only because I know they’re just like the two of us. That’s a hard cross to bear sometimes. But, we do what we gotta. She’s always been resourceful and hard working and she takes care of her family. I respect her for that almost as much as I love her. I’ve always said that really both she and I were “only children” as the seven year difference left us in completely different places in life but we were still always there, no matter what. We still are. It 551589_3780918167809_2064565919_nseems the only time we really see each other anymore is for holidays or if there happens to be a birthday or family get-together for some out-of-the blue thing.  We live about 3 miles from each other, if that, and that’s pretty sad when you think about it.

We have to work on that. Our ‘Rents are getting older and (hopefully) not to soon, we’re all we’re going to have – each other. She helped with my care taking when I was out of commission after my heart surgery taking over when The BCPF needed her to. She (and her hubby) were right there to help with The BCPF’s and my wedding reception last year. She’s always there. She’s the Chef de Cuisine when it comes to the Christmas functions of the family and really does most of the Thanksgiving stuff, too. There was times growing when we still lived in WV that she would actually sleep with me on Christmas Eve. I think I recall her actually getting in my bed at least once when she was really little. We’ve done Disney together several times, even as adults. I ticked her off so badly one time in Daytona and The Bahamas that I had to put her on a plane and send her home. I don’t know how long it took for her to forgive me for that, if it was really even me that did it, but I know me well enough to know that it most likely was. I think the last big fight we had was right after 3B was born. I remember ice being thrown in my face. My memory is fuzzy but I think I almost threw her in the pond for that, but I didn’t. I’m so very glad I didn’t. Again, both of us with these tempers of gold which are sometimes just gold plated. We’ve lived with it, and we’ve let each other live with it, somehow. Hopefully, she can chuckle at me airing some dirty laundry on both of us here.

Really, all that means only one thing. I love my sister, no matter what we go through. I dig her the most. And, also, for yesterday and today, I’ll let her think she’s “Mom’s Favorite.” Tomorrow, however, I’m back in the #1 slot! I love you, sis. Have a great two days (I deem it so) of birthday. Or, as I say… Happy solar circumnavigational anniversary day!!

Until tomorrow, same blog time…
Scorp out!

“Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” – Francis Bacon