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We’ve gotten lucky enough to have two Saturdays in a row where absolutely nothing happens. Well, that’s not exactly true. Things happen and we have a lot of fun but it’s nothing scheduled or anything we’re obligated to or what have you. Lots of things actually happened. One big thing was the uncrowned King of Trade Street, Mr. Brian Cole, married his best girl, Drew and from what I can tell with the pics, it was awesome. Congrats to them!!!! They’re on their way to Ireland for the honeymoon. I wish I would have booked that honeymoon, but I am glad they’re 1ateliergoing.

The BCPF and I walked to our new regular Saturday stomp which is Atelier on Trade, but Pablo had closed it down because he was busy making and delivering a cake to… you guessed it! The Cole wedding. So we decided to walk elsewhere to finish looking at our big book of awesome, Heather Fearnbach’s Winston-Salem’s Architectural History, well, we ended up a couple of places and decided to instead drive down to Twin City Hive to see our buds Joey and Terry. They gave us the lowdown on the new place which is really about 30 steps from the current place. More on that this week on Man Who Ate the Town: A Food Blog so keep an eye out. Anywhat! We were there from about 1pm until around 6:30pm. Just hanging out and enjoying the day, that’s how we liked it. Then some dinner and then helping 11aTCHMa Mère get her Netflix back online (needed to reboot the router was all) and see some fam. Good day. Good evening. Good times.

If you’re out and about today, come to 4th Street in Downtown WSNC, it’s the last Second Sundays on Fourth of the season. We start back in May. Today’s musical guest are Tow3rs and Making Movies. See you there!

And!! If you know my sister… which her a Happy Solar Circumnavigational Anniversary Day! Or Happy Birthday, whichever… I’ll write more about her tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This multi-roaster coffee shop only brews coffee roasted in North Carolina. Each of the coffees have been carefully curated with roasters from all over the state of North Carolina.” – Twin City Hive