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Since it opened, I’ve been in Olde Orchard Diner many, many times. Before I knew The BCPF, after we met, before we were married and even now. Well, up until now, I’d say. As of October 1, Al Yow the owner sold it to the family that owns Cagney’s Kitchen here in WSNC, Kernersville, Midway, Lexington and Wilkesboro. This will be numero dos in WSNC for them. I broke the story yesterday on The Man Who Ate the Town: a Food Blog and followed it up today with a little more information on how things are going to go. So, at the risk of being too brief, I’m going to actually provide a link to TMWAtT and let you read that. Click here.

I’m supposing this will be the end of the Classic Car Drive-in that happened once a month, too. I’m going to miss you Al, but good luck to you!


Soon to be gone (photo ©rtui)

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Gotta Sweet Tooth?” – Olde Orchard Diner’s menu