Wow, the weather is scary. Let me rephrase that. The prospect of weather conditions for this weekend are scary. First we were under the “Cone of Uncertainty” for where Hurricane Joaquin was going to end up. On the NC coast? Inland? Nebraska? Eh, I don’t believe that one (that wasn’t really a possibility). Then they said it was going to turn and head out to sea. Whew! We dodged that bullet.


What it looks like to us (ab)normal folk…

Now, hold on a minute! We can still get up to ten inches of rain in like 40 minutes or so, even though Johnny Cash moved out to sea (again, made that up)? All those loose outer bands and such they say. Well, that’s not too bad. But, it’s not great. Add that to all the rain, even though it’s been light lately, and that is some wet, wet, wet ground. That means that trees’ roots are going to be loose under the soil. That also means that it will only take a moderately strong gust for the wind dancers to have their way with the mightiest of trees. That’s what is scary to me.

I’ve been informed that I live in a flood plain, but I don’t know that I believe that. I know I’m in “lower” country but the creed ridge is pretty deep. Plus the direction would have to be something fierce to overcome the lay of the land to even get to me. SO that’s not the concern. Those panicky trees are my concern. I have a plethora of towering toothpick grandfathers around my house. I don’t need one to come and lay dramatically over my roof. I’d rather not shoo it away. It’s to me happened before. I lived in a (now) 85 year-old cabin that you could take your finger and scrape away the sandy foundation and a tin roof that was less than “spring chickeny.” We had a lot of rain, like 2 weeks nonstop. It wasn’t downpours but steady. Two weeks. We had this bay window and I was standing, staring out of it sipping a coffee or beer or something. I heard this creaking. I noticed movement. I looked in the movement’s direction and, whoa! There was a tree laying over onto this old house. I did the “Shaggy/Scooby-Doo” run – you know the one: my feet were moving fast, very fast, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I was in socks on a hardwood floor. Feet weren’t failing me but they weren’t helping me either. There was the faintest of thuds and it was all over. Luckily, the tree’s roots were trying their darnedest to hang on and the tree had just gently laid over on the corner of the cabin. It just took a backhoe to pick it up and lay it down on the ground, chainsaw the snot out of it and voila! firewood. So, even though that could have been disastrous, it was okay. I may not be so lucky the next time.

But, even on top of that, the power going out… that’s the worst. When there is no power, I’m disconnected. No social media, no TV, no internet, no Netflix, no anything. I have my wife but even The BCPF can’t just sit and stare lovingly into each others’ eyes for that long. And I hate reading without also listening to an audiobook of the same title. I’ll explain that one another time; a whole new mess of crazy. When the snowstorm hit last year (or the year before – memory is the first to go) and the power was out for 2 days, I nearly lost my shite! I can’t stand that. So, I hope this is as painless and effortless as possible. I don’t want to deal with craziness.  What do you do when bad weather is predicted? Just have fun or do you hunker down? Let me know, I’m curious.

Stay warm, stay safe (don’t cross large puddles in the road), stay dry, stay classy North Carolina.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo