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I understand that this may only apply to the locals of WSNC and the Triad area, at least in specifics. I think it may apply everywhere but with different players in the game. But, anywhat… here goes:

The Crumley Roberts commercial with Gene really, really annoys me. It’s the dialog that gets me the most:”Gene doesn’t have any memories of the day of the accident,” his wife says. Gene then says, “I woke up, I was in the hospital and all I could think of is: ‘call Crumley Roberts.'” Then he says, “l said, ‘let me find out what they’re about.'” What gets me is the fact that the first thing, or even “all he could think about” was call Crumley Roberts? And, according to him he didn’t even know what they did? I’m not doubting that he felt he needed them, as the commercial says “actual clients.” They wouldn’t lie to us would they? I’m also not doubting that he thought about it once he got his thoughts together and discussed it with his wife. It’s just the wording. But, you know what? I don’t blame Gene.


Gene and Melissa (photo ©Crumley Roberts)

I blame the marketing company that let that happen. They let that horrible script go through. Or, heck, I blame Crumley Roberts for approving it. I know I’m nitpicking but to make it out like CR is the end-all-cure-all for what restitution you may have coming to you is somewhat disturbing. I know that lawyers like to be “intimidating” and stern but, they could have made it more realistic. I’m sure Gene isn’t dumb but they made him sound that way.

It’s not like we get any slack from lawyers’ commercials anyway, at least not in the morning hours, but this is horrible. This, “You’ll know when you need us” (duh), “We’re Ward Black Law” (anyone else hear the “ching-ching” of a shotgun being cocked?), Candice Apple (really? Candy Apple?), David Daggett blatantly reading cue cards, Mike Lewis and his dog or Mike Lewis and his near-screaming “clients,” and the list goes on and on and on. Again, I know they’re supposed to be intimidating or what have you but it’s more tragically comedic and it’s hard to take them serious. What happened to at least mildly entertaining attorney commercials?

Remember when Lewis & Daggett would do the ones with “Big Corporate Insurance” who were going to gouge the victim of whatever the tragedy was that happened to them? Then the superpowers of Mike Lewis (before the stupid dog) and David Daggett through the omnipotence of the legendary Robert Vaughn, swooped in to ward off “Big Evil.” That was at least mildly entertaining. This generation is producing crap. Then again, local television commercials have gotten very lazy with production. They are looking more and more “local” and amateurish. It’s sad.  Local TV, in the mornings especially, is inundated with car dealers and attorneys. I could go on forever about this and how bad it is. At least John Orcutt, his “BillsBills” and his badly read script is somewhat endearing. Especially at 2:30am, as he has a standing appointment for that time slot. (“I know I know”).

Sorry (not sorry) for the rant, just every time I hear that CR commercial, I cringe. It’s getting out of hand, I’d say. However, it’s not your fault, Gene. Keep your head up. I’m putting the soapbox back under the bed where I got it and going about my biz now. See ya later.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let the insurance companies know: You. Mean. Business! – Robert Vaughn