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I know I’ve already talked about this subject this week, but I have been learning songs for the Clay Howard & the Silver Alerts show tomorrow, this Friday at The Crown at Carolina Theater. I bring it up because we had our first (and only) practice for this show this evening. That’s why this may be slightly later than midnight. I got home and enjoyed some time with The BCPF, reflected on the evening and once the football game was over (have I mentioned how she’s really taken to football?), wrote this.

I think I did okay at rehearsal. We went over each of the songs on the album twice just to make sure everything was good. I actually had to assert myself in direction 12038237_10208183284406209_1063763055764290380_na for a little bit. Not saying they were not doing their jobs, just I’ve probably listened to the songs more in the last 3 weeks and it’s all still fresh on my mind. But, I was playing with some real pros so there was no slacking, at all. I had fun and I know this show will be fantastic as well. It felt good to be holding a “Thunderstick” in my hands again, playing with other musicians. I’ve done the Vagabond Saints shows but, like I said this week, this is the first public bass appearance for me since March, 2012. I say that I was in semi-retirement until this show. Also, my bass dilemma was cured by Clay allowing me to use a hollow body bass from Waterstone Guitars (he’s a dealer of them). I still haven’t found the volume on this thing, but that’s okay. It looks cool and it sounds good. Woot!

Anywhat! Come on out to the Crown at Carolina Theater 310 S Greene St in Greensboro. Get there early as Doug Davis and the Solid Citizens will be playing around 7pm followed by Luxuriant Sedans. Doors open at 6:30pm. See you all there!

Until tomorrow (night), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“All I know is the biscuits ain’t rising, they ain’t been cut…” – Biscuits Ain’t Rising (Clay Howard)