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I know I’ve talked about the joys of football season finally coming back. Well, Saturday night, after The BCPF and I got home from a long and fantastic day/evening at the Texas Pete Culinary Arts Festival we turned on the Alabama/Ole Miss game which started remarkably late. I can’t figure out why they started so late, neither team is on the west coast, not even mountain time. Anywhat! We caught it just inside the second quarter. I’m not the greatest college football fan but like in the pros, I have teams that I hate for really no reason other than I just do. Two of those are Ohio State and Alabama (Michigan isn’t too far behind). So, I watched, salivating, because Alabama was losing. Not only were they losing but at one point, I’d say they were getting their collective arse handed to them. They only lost by six in the end but that was really “garbage time.”

Then Sunday came and I finally got to watch a full day of NFL. I didn’t get to see much last week because of obligations but I watched my Pittsburgh Steelers whip the San your-obsession-with-fantasy-football-has-your-wife-fantasizing-about-other-men-too-d652bFrancisco 49ers (one of those aforementioned teams that I absolutely can’t stand). Then we watched other games throughout the day. It’s extra interesting because, for the first time, The BCPF is participating in the Fantasy Football League with me and a bunch of friends. It’s competitive and she wants to win. I don’t know if I can remember her being this competitive over anything before. I like it though. She’s a spicy one. We sat beside each other and she kept her laptop on her lap and we watched, anxiously as the players did or did not do what they should to get us points. I’m quite happy with where my team sits this week. I am played out (meaning that all my players are done) for the week but she has a player playing tonight, as does her opponent. Here’s hoping that she gets a great deal of action from this Tight End. Her opponent has a Kicker playing. I hate the TE position for fantasy because generally, they’re the 3rd or 4th receiver in line. They’re hit or miss for points. But, she needs a good night from him.

The point of all that was, it was awesome to sit beside my wife (who has never been a football fan) and watch something that I feel so strongly about and her actually enjoy doing it with me. She has always sat beside me doing other things while I watch but, other than a Steelers game or Seahawks game (that’s her team if it weren’t for the Steelers; if she were going to pick one). It was a good Sunday. Finished it off by watching the Night of Champions PPV with The Boy, which truthfully, he slept through the whole thing. It was decent. Then watched the Packers/Seahawks game. Not the greatest outcome but was a good game. Great day, indeed.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Thank you… fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports.” – Jimmy Fallon