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We all know what tomorrow is. How the world changed, how things would never be the same. That’s true. But on September 10, 2001 (fourteen years ago today), my life changed forever in a whole different and much better way.

My ex-wife and I had decided that after eight years of being married, if we were going to start having kids, then we need to start having kids. We had done pretty much what we had wanted up until that point so, it was just time. It was on September 10, at her doctor’s office that we found out we were going to be parents. We were very excited. I had to let my friend Michelle, whom I spoke to, at unnamedthat time, every single day via email. She’ll usually bring up the fact that today was when this happened.

We then drove to the small “town” of King (pronounced Kang in these here parts) north of Winston-Salem to inform her parents, first. Then we came back to civilization and told The ‘Rents. Everyone was really, really excited. My sis was going to have her second child, a boy (I wasn’t ready to be an aunt, yet) that was born in October. There was a girl on the ex’s side (in fact, other than 3B there were only ever girls on that side) that had just been born. My oldest nephew was two and a half. The point is, there was going to be a lot of kids who had a lot of company right then. We all went to bed feeling really good about what was going on. Life was good.

Then… the world fell apart. All that happiness, while it was always a great journey, for about a week, it was mostly horror, dread, sadness and a feeling of “what kind of world are we bringing a child into?” Life got back to mostly normal eventually and we concentrated on what the future held for our child. We opted to not to find out what the gender of the baby was going to be, instead waiting to be surprised. The chart at the doc’s office said in BOLD letters and underlined, “DO NOT REVEAL THE GENDER!” And they didn’t. That and other parts of the story are better suited for May, but for now, I’m just celebrating the “day we found out.”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“It’s a great thing about being pregnant – you don’t need excuses to pee or to eat.” – Angelina Jolie