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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents The Less Desirables Beer of the Week, Hash Brown Hop Hash Infused India Brown Ale from SweetWater Brewing Company out of Atlanta, GA.

SweetWater is a fantastic brewery and brewing company out of Hotlanta and have rarely let me down. Even though Eugene and I are on a self-imposed Hop Hiatus, this is1aBrown an India Brown Ale instead of pale. I’m hoping we don’t get hopped out on this one. It’s new in the stores so Eugene probably hasn’t had this one yet and it will be one he can add to the collection toward the goal of 1000 unique beers by the end of the year. Plus, our guests for the evening, The Beer Dads do like hoppy beers so it’s a win for someone if not everyone. Again, it is SweetWater and they’re fabulous. I wish Brian Attridge was here to taste it with us. He likes the hops and I’d say that SweetWater is one of his favorite (if not the fave) breweries; he went to Emory University in the ATL.

I’m going to say that I’m looking forward to it. It’s 6.2% ABV which is over my 5% “plain” threshold. Not that I won’t drink under it, just usually it isn’t my fave. I am looking at this, though. There is no rating on BeerAdvocate just yet. Like I said it’s new. Untappd does have it, though and it sits at 3.74 Caps. Not a bad rating at all. I’d ask if you’ve had it or not, Dear Reader, but being that it’s as new as it is, chances are, unless you’re in ATL, you’ve not. But, you know what? You should! Head on down to 915 Burke St., go into City Beverage, see Spencer and tell him you want a sixer of this brew. You can drink it whilst you listen to Eugene, Jon, Paul, Michael and whomever else shows up along with me (Caitlin is out on assignment this week) and see how we like/rate it. Cheers!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!

“A heaping helping of resinous hash hopped brown ale goodness.” – SweetWater Brewing Company