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My eyes are tired. They’ve been tired for a while. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in over a year. I also haven’t gotten new contacts since the time before that. In fact, as bad as I know it is, I have been rotating between two or three pairs (or mix-matching) for the last seven months or so. My glasses haven’t been updated in about 2 scripts, either.


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I’ve had bad allergies since I was a toddler. Allergic to everything. You name it, I was allergic to it. This is especially true about animals; the feathered, the haired and the furred. We, The BCPF and I, have a lot of friends who have pets and we like to hang out with the pet owners. Cats are my true bane but sometimes dogs can wreak havoc on my allergies, as well. Here’s the thing: I love animals. I love them but I love not being sick the most.

This past Saturday, when we were at the get-together with our pals, there was a dog there and I couldn’t resist scratching behind his ears. The mistake was not washing my hands and I touched my face as it started to itch. It spread to my eye and my eye was irritated. The contact in my left eye popped out. I was able to catch it and I tried my best to put it back in. I tried cleaning it with solution that another friend had. I tried so many times that my eye went numb. I was touching my eye and I felt absolutely nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. So I had to find a way to keep it because I didn’t have a contact case with me. The friends we were at the party of gave me a Ziploc™ bag and squirted a bit of solution in there and made sure it stayed in the corner. I had to set my phone on the top of the bag and let it to hang off the side of the table to allow gravity to handle keeping it moist. I know it’s not the best but it was the best I could do. We brought the bag home and I put them in proper cases. I resigned to stay with glasses for Sunday and Monday.

As I stated, the glasses are a bit outdated and while I can see fine, I don’t see everything perfectly. I have to keep them as close to my face as possible to see the best and even then, I have to squint a bit. My age and the fact that everything I do is computer based means my eyes take a beating. I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t even take my contacts out but once every 3-4 weeks. A lot of bad stuff, I know. New contacts just aren’t in my budget right now but I’m working on it. The point here, take care of your eyes, kiddies. Take good care of them.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“My eyesight is not nearly as good. My hearing is probably going away. My memory is slipping too. But I’m still around.” – John Wooden