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The entire month of September is National Hunger Awareness Month. Today, September 3, 2015 is Hunger Awareness Day. Throughout Hunger Action Month, Second Harvest Food Bank will be asking everyone to do one simple thing: Make the commitment to tell someone about hunger.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC released the following statement:

“So many people that we speak with are shocked to learn how significant a problem hunger is right here in our community,” said Jenny Moore, Marketing and PR manager for Second Harvest Food Bank. “What we’ve witnessed over and over again is that once people know, they find ways to help. Awareness is key. That’s why we’re asking everyone we know to pledge to tell someone about hunger.”11986313_10153480829630490_3550572370075143255_n

A number of special events being held in September will provide an opportunity for interested individuals and groups to connect with others who are invested in supporting and creating solutions to address the persistent problem of hunger plaguing our communities. Anyone interested in learning more about these events can visit Second Harvest’s website at hungernwnc.org for details. Second Harvest has also posted a variety of tools to their site to a make it easy to take part in Hunger Action Month and tell others about hunger. There will be places in Winston-Salem that will display orange lights TLD Hunger Actionin honor of this campaign. Places such as the Nissen Building on 4th Street, Winston-Salem Foundation and City of Winston-Salem’s City Hall just to name a few.

I’ve been involved, as well. I wore my orange t-shirt today, which makes me look like the Great Pumpkin or a giant traffic cone, but I love this shirt and wear it often. I made sure it was worn today. Also, The Less Desirables paired its usual TLD green with orange to show solidarity with making more aware of hunger. You know what you can do? You can commit to making at least ONE person aware of hunger. As Jenny said above, “awareness is key.” You can pledge to do so by visiting the link here. This is not asking for money, just that you’ll tell someone. Help however you can.

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“In partnership with more than 400 local food assistance programs (food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and special feeding programs for children and seniors), Second Harvest Food Bank works to address immediate needs for food assistance and passionately pursues an end to hunger through outreach, education and advocacy.” – Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC