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Getting back to the groove of how things are after you’ve been in a different city and on vacation is hard. The sports podcast, Fan Interference, is on hiatus for at least one more week as TC and I have been alternating times of absences. So, that’s not difficult. The Beer Dads are also recorded on Monday, we’ll have something worked up with that. I do some office stuffs for my ‘Rents on Mondays and I’ve not been there in 2 Mondays, but got it taken care of.

It seems, though, that whilst I was gone people decided they wanted to travel, which is 1c8c6a14bf450c9f96445b856dc5a0e8good for me! I was working on a trip for someone for this Oktoberfest whilst in Chicago and they told me to stop and enjoy. As I say, I don’t have any true time off, I just have time away from the email and such. I think we’re doing good there. A friend of the O-fest client is also wanting something and I’m working on getting all that in the works, too. A lot of people are wanting to get fall 2015 or even Summer 2016 (and everywhere betwixt) vacations planned and I’m ready to help them. A lot of catching up in what’s going on.

How about you, Dear Reader, do you have trouble restarting after personal time reboots? I’d like to hear about how you cope or just hear you rant about it. I listen, either way.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“When planning time away from work, most people focus on getting organized for departure. Avoid undoing all that restoration by treating your return as something that needs to be managed in advance as well.” – Kathryn Dill