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The BCPF talking with “Bob”


Marina City (beside Hotel Chicago)

Well, it was 10:40p or so but The BCPF and I made it home after a fantastic week in Chicago. During that time, I walked over 10,000 steps all but two days. I averaged, over the whole trip, about 6 miles a day. We ate very well, touching on all the main things Chicago is known for: stuffed pizza from Giordano’s; Billy Goat Tavern’s Cheezeborger Cheezeborger Cheezeborger! (I had the Home Run “Much Much Better”); Chicago Dog and Italian Beef from Portillos; prime rib from Lawry’s Prime Rib; popcorn from Garrett; Chicago Italian from Bella Bocino’s. Add in dinner (and drinks) from Howells & Hood (named after the two architects that designed the Chicago Tribune building), sushi from Oysy and more dogs and beer from US Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox and that is a full week of awesome food. Good enough to cancel out all that great walking I did. It was worth it though. I also finally found that danged Bob Newhart statue to make Eugene happy. Truthfully, I know nothing, at all, about the Bob Newhart show, but by the time I found it, I really, really, wanted to find it.

We stayed at one really, really awesome hotel and one very “unique” hotel.


On the Chicago River before leaving for airport

Chicago is, to tourists like me, I guess, a dream city. It’s huge and has everything you want in it, but it’s accessible and the people are all friendly. People who live there or have spent more time than me may disagree with some of that, but I loved it. I had no desire to ever go but now that the opportunity has come and been done, it’s definitely on my list of places to return to. Cheers Chi-Town!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“All I can say about life is, ‘Oh God, enjoy it!'” – Bob Newhart