Still here in Chi-Town and frankly, I’m loving it. Even though I’ve eaten a lot of stuff (and drunk a bit of alcohol), I feel like I’ve lost a bit of weight. This is because of the amount I’ve been walking. On Tuesday I walked almost 16,000 steps, 150 minutes of walking and 8.03 miles. I felt good, albeit a bit sore. I figured there was no way I’d be able to recreate that, and I was right, especially since I had a ball game to go to with my great friend The Right Reverend Bruce but even with that, I still managed (because we walked quite a bit to the good beer station) and ended up around 8500 steps and 4.42 miles. That, also thanks to a bit of walking with The BCPF to a quaint little Italian Bistro last night called Bella Bacino.

The ball game was great! US Cellular Field, or “The Cell,” is a beautiful ball park. Again, I’m not a White Sox fan and I’m certainly not a Cubs fan (I’m a Pirates fan and we’re division rivals) but I was not disappointed in my first Major League Baseball experience. We were almost field level and could cheer the Sox centerfielder, Eaton and jeer the Rays CF, Kiermaier. We had to search a bit for the Cominsky Dog (a Chicago Dog) for me. Bruce just had a couple of kraut dogs and we had Leinenkugel beer (both the IPL and Shandy). The sun was beating down but it was ok, I’ll own this burn. The game started out awesomely, five runs before the first out in the bottom of the first inning. But, the Rays sneaked back and tied it in the eighth inning. So extras came about and Eaton, the CFer we were cheering got a single. He then stole second and there was some kind of collision and the ball was left unattended, he stole to third. There were no outs. The next batter flew to right but it was too shallow and Eaton decided not to tag. They walked Abreu and Cabrera to load the bases and then on 5 pitches (I forget the Rays pitcher) they walk Avisail Garcia for the winning run. My streak of seeing home teams lose came to an end, although I thought it was going to happen when they came back. One thing to note about the game was sometime there was a kid (probably around 11-13) ran out onto the field and had the whole place (it was far from packed) rolling. The security was getting schooled and he was weaving in and out of the heavy set officers. They were looking quite foolish. At one point the biggest of the security went to tackle the kid or tripped, I don’t know which, and hurt himself. Whilst the others were chasing the kid, medical staff had to come out to help the fallen officer. It seems that he either sprained or broke his wrist. The kid could have escaped had he just ran straight for the stands as it appeared he was going to and then turned back into the midst, at that point I thought it was a hoax, but it wasn’t. Again, it was a great amount of fun. I rode in my first Uber trip, too.

Today, we’re moving to another hotel, which I’ll post pictures of later and if you didn’t read the post from a few weeks ago, you may be quizzed as to where it is we’ll be. Don’t go back and read, just wait (but, do go back and read some of the other posts, I think they’re worth it, but hey, I’m biased). There was a joke about walking to the new location, because really it’s only about a half mile but I hate carrying things and am not going to drag suitcases through the middle of Chicago. Just not happening. Plus, if it’s that short, it will be a very cheap cab or Uber ride. Anywhat, I’ve gone on long enough, but I’ll reporting more.

Until then, tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!!

“As a citizen of the great city of Chicago, I find it impossible to root against the White Sox. The White Sox organization has been much more consistent, in my lifetime at least, at putting a winning ballclub on the field.” – Billy Corgan