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Hello from Chi-Town! Yeah, I know some people hate that term but I love it. I have loved it since I was a kid watching the old NWA wrestling programs before WCW. There was something called “Chi-Town Heat” and I remember it featured The Road Warriors because they’re from here. It was the first PPV by NWA, just days after my seventeenth birthday. Just sounded seedy but sexy. Chi-Town. It’s just cool to me.

And, so is the town. The BCPF is here on business and I’m tagging along. We’re spending the first three nights in a great place called Swissôtel and it’s a triangular building that says you’ll have a room that either looks over the city, over the lake or over the river. Well, somehow, and we don’t know, nor are we questioning it, we ended up in a corner room so we get both the lake view and the river view. Included in that river view, we get the city, as well. It’s cool watching the local NBC channel knowing that we’re looking at the building they’re coming from whilst lying in bed. It’s silly to geek out on that, I know, but I do. I’ve always been fascinated with the location of radio stations and television stations. I’ve always just been fascinated with broadcasting all-around.  So, as I write this post, I’m sitting looking at the sun reflecting off of Lake Michigan with sailboats and other water craft passing by, the Ferris Wheel slowly turning (which looks faster than it did yesterday) and thinking the view is amazing. It is. I posted a video from the room and then again at night yesterday when we got here.

chicago morning

Good morning, Chicago (around 5:30am)

Chicago is fantastic, so far. The BCPF and I walked about yesterday (I ALMOST made my 10,000 step goal; missing it by 800ish steps) looking around at places and saying we’d like to visit this or come back to that and so on. We had some world-famous pizza, too. We ate at Giordano’s and had the stuffed Chicago Classic. Yes, it had mushrooms, onions and peppers and no I don’t usually eat that, but I told The BCPF that, for her, I’d eat anything. I’m not Eugene, I’ll bend. Truthfully, as long as it was doused by cheese and sauce, it was okay. If they wandered out from that, they went to the side of the plate. When they stopped playing nice, so did I. Giordano’s delivers anywhere in the “Lower 48.” I’d really like to try other stuff from there but I acquiesced her.

The BCPF has a work thing to do all day today and tomorrow and only until lunch on Thursday, so I’m going to find ways to entertain myself for the next few days. I know what I’m doing tomorrow. My great friend Bruce Cole has found himself in Chicago for a little bit and in his awesomeness, decided that he was going to accommodate my desire to attend a “big league” baseball game. I was looking for the Cubs, but they’re not in town until later in the week and there’s not an afternoon game. The Winston-Salem Dash is a Chicago White Sox farm club, so I was also willing to support the “home” team. So Bruce is going to take me to see “the Good Guys” in an afternoon game. Thanks Brucie!!!!

Another thing that I’m looking for is the 19.5% (that’s NINETEEN POINT FIVE PERCENT) ABV version of Not Your Father’s Root Beer on tap. It’s only available in Illinois, on tap. It says on the website that it’s in “Chicagoland” and I want to find it. I have to try it. It’s probably not going to be served in anything bigger than a shot glass at that potency, but I’m still wanting to try it. I’ll report on it when I do. We had the 5.7% on The Less Desirables and we liked it, but we could only have so much of it.

I have a lot of other friends who either lived here, spent a lot of time here or just love it here that give me advice as to where to go and it’s hard to get all that in, but I’m trying. I’m a little limited on the funds so I can’t go everywhere and I can’t go crazy. I’m trying, though, Dear Reader. Okay, I think I’ve typed your ear off enough for today,

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I think that what comes through in Chicago humor is the affection. Even though you’re poking fun at someone or something, there’s still an affection for it.” – Bob Newhart