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So traveling. I like it. I’m going to be doing some of it here in the next few days. Going someplace that I’ve never been (well, other than sitting in the airport for six hours waiting to go to Europe) and it’s exciting. But daunting as well. Chicago is the third largest U.S. city behind New York and Los Angeles. But, I’ve been to London and that was not only huge, it was foreign (ish). So, it’s not a problem.


St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow. (photo ©EuropeanDestinations)

What about you, Dear Reader? Where’s some place that you’d like to go but are somewhat anxious about it? Or, where is someplace that you went while anxious about it, and how was it when you did? Was it too much, was it not as bad as you’d thought it was going to be? Did it shape your perception of traveling to similar places or similar situations?

Growing up, I always worried about traveling to places. I’m not always great with things that I’m not that familiar with. The beauty of being a travel professional is that I do a lot of research on a lot of places. I’m working on a “specialist” certification on a location that I can’t wait to tell you about. I’m not going to post it until I’ve finished with it, but it is definitely a place that i want to go. It’s also in another country.

I’m not unpatriotic, but there is really very little about the U.S. that I care to see. I’d kind of like to see the Pacific Northwest and the wine regions in California, and I guess I’d like to see a few big cities in the West. I’d like to someday see New York City. Maybe venture to Vegas once, although it really doesn’t excite me. I want to see a Pirates game in Pittsburgh. But, really, the U.S. does nothing for me. Walt Disney World… I’d go there in a heartbeat. As soon as I ever leave it, I’m ready to be back again.

But, for me, it’s Europe. I want to see so many places in Europe. All the way over, too. I want to go to all the Eastern European countries, not just the “sexy” Western ones. I want to see Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Bosnia and Hertzegovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Russia and the list goes on and on and on. The Western ones, though, I can go to France, Paris specifically, time after time after time. I love it there. I want to own a place there. I want to see Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Italy and even though it’s struggling, Greece. I love Europe and I love the idea of Europe.

I want to go everywhere. I also have a weird, and deep interest in Mongolia. Not really many of the other Asian countries, perhaps Vietnam, but only on the Mekong River on a river cruise. Some people don’t care about traveling but it’s become a passion of mine. What about you? If you could go anywhere right now where would it be? I’d like to hear. Send me a line via any of the channels and let me know, I’m very interested. I’ll give you break about sending you there this week, but I’ll say if you do need help with travel planning, I am your man!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe.” – Niki Lauda