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I’m in an industry that is internet-based. Actually, I’m in two industries that are. The travel agency I own is about 90% internet and only a few people actually call me anymore; it’s all online. The podcast industry is the internet. You have to be online to get any content beyond your own house. The same goes for the video production part, too.

Another thing that I do is review films for the “Movie of the Week” for The Less Desirables. 95% of those are watched via Netflix and Amazon. That, too, obviously requires the internet. Research that I do for The Less Desirables show material is all done on the internet. Right now, I’m talking to you, Dear Reader, via the internet with this blog.

So, when the haven of the interwebs is interrupted for whatever reason, it throws the universe out of balance and things are bad. It’s bad on the travel side, it’s bad on the podcast side, it’s bad on communications. Sure, we can use the telephone, still, but I prefer to do my business via email. Not because of the lack of human interaction, but because everything I do then has a readable record and “paper trail” if you will. So, yes, I do still use the phone, but I’d rather use Skype to talk to the person I’m communicating with in the business world.

When I’m on my “own” time (which technically is never since all my jobs I consider my “half time” jobs) the loss of connectivity is really just an annoyance more than anything. But, like I said, I’m not on “personal” time because I’m always working. I’m working on research (everything is pop culture if you look at it right), films, music, etc. Everything is reliant on that internet. So, the inconvenience is more than just annoying.

I use two different internet companies right now. I’m going to call them out because they both give me grief whilst giving me “life.” They are Time Warner Cable and X1 Communications. I have TWC at home and X1 in the studio. I’m not placing blame on either individually but on both at the same time. I will say that TWC does it more than X1 anymore.

I’ve never had a problem with TWC at home until the last few months. Netflix and Amazon are constantly buffering because, somehow, as much as I pay for internet, it doesn’t seem to be getting enough back end to push through the signal. I never really believed the “throttling” thing and I’m not so sure it’s real now, but something is definitely going on. Last night the internet went down and I couldn’t do anything. I was stuck. I could watch regular TV and did, but I had things that I wanted to watch but couldn’t. Stuff happens and I get that. Can TWC help it? Maybe or maybe not.  But it’s not helpful.

I want to reiterate that I love technology and I love what I do. It just shows that I am so reliant on tech and the internet and really, I’m okay with that. But, I also reserve the right to be upset when the companies let me down. Just how it is. How reliant are you on tech? Social media? Let’s talk about it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates