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So, I finally made it to Wieners and Losers as a guest of a previous The Less Desirables guest, Scott Leftwich. I dragged along The BCPF and 3B and I’ll say that we all three had a fantastic time. An early 80s-style arcade that preserves the love, fascination and nostalgia of its time. Crystal Castles, Gyruss, Zaxxon, Pengo, Dragon’s Lair, Spy Hunter, Burger Time, Joust, Star Command, Missile Command, Defender, Kick Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, Qbert, Atari Football, Looper, Mousetrap, Mr. Do, Centipede, Berzerk and a few more that I can’t even remember the names; all I laid my hands on whilst there. I didn’t touch Donkey Kong, Junior or Pac-Man because I actually own my own of those; well mine is Ms. Pac-Man. From mid-1970s to 1983-84, that’s the era of games found here. There is also a concession area that serves hot dogs (hence the wieners part) and other snacky things. There’s a jukebox that plays 45s and features songs, mostly from the early 80s. The only thing missing is the joy  of putting your quarter on the machine to say your next or tragedy of someone putting their quarter on during your turn signalling you have to move on.

You, too, can experience this magical and fantastic place by visiting the Wieners and Losers Facebook page. Send Scott a message and tell him you want to be considered for a future session. It costs $10 for THREE hours of fun. You may think to yourself, three hours? I have so much I want to do, well, I’ll tell you, after three hours my back hurt, my feet hurt and my eyes were crossed from staring at the screens and it was worth every. single. minute!!!!

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Scorp and Scott Leftwich at Wieners and Losers July 25, 2015

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I got a pocketful of quarters and I’m headed to the arcade. I don’t have a lot of money but I’m bringing everything I made. I have a callous on my finger and my shoulder’s hurtin’, too. I’m gonna eat ’em all up just as soon as they turn blue.” – “Pac Man Fever” by Bucker & Garcia