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Ah, thank (insert deity here) it’s Friday. Two weeks (and a day) removed from my gall bladder removal, one from the first of four Vagabond Saints Society Bruce Springsteen shows. I’m feeling righteous. Yes, we had a slight setback with the Lipitor but hopefully, that will be a help and not a hindrance. But yes, I’m feeling great!

Friday nights are always “Date Night” for The BCPF and I. Does that mean we always do11659512_10153325572805490_3038189630227575334_n a bunch of stuff? Nope. We generally have what we call “Friday Night Dinner,” a sweet reference to one of our favorite shows, The Gilmore Girls, in which Lorelai had to spend time with her overbearing and meddling, yet loving, parents on, yep, a Friday night to pay off some debt, although it’s not the money they worry about, it’s the only way they can get her there, guilt-laden or not. But, I digress…

I don’t know where we’ll be going tonight, but it’s always something fairly affordable and with some chance of cocktails or what have you. Then we sometimes go to another place for drinks or we just go home. That happens, too. We watch something on Netflix or something on the DVR, or something that someone has loaned us. Eugene has been letting us borrow Newhart and we’ve watched three seasons of that, now. The BCPF has me watching Friends, much to Eug’s chagrin. He says it’s dumbed-down drivel but I don’t always need to be mentally challenged. Sometimes I just want to watch something that doesn’t require a lot of thought, is remotely funny and enjoyable. The bottom line is, we’re watching it together and enjoying it and each other.

What’s your favorite or ideal Friday night? Drop me a line and let me know.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“When you’re emotional you don’t think clearly. I remember a woman who tried to buy a plane when her granddaughter moved out,” says Lorelai. “I tried to timeshare a plane, it is nowhere even close to the same thing,” says Emily.