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I know a few of my friends are travelers and I wonder to myself when I see they’ve gone somewhere, “how did they book that?” Well, there’s part of me which thinks, I don’t want to gripe because it’s like I’m just whining. Then, there’s the other part of me which thinks, wait, what do they do for a living? Are they musicians? Are they managers of retail outlets? Are they restaurateurs? No matter what they do, what if instead of going to their restaurant, I just went somewhere else and bought the ingredients and took it home and made it myself? What if I saw another band play better yet, just get the sheet music and “do it myself” at home, just because I can? What if I don’t buy things from their local shops and buy the same thing from Amazon when I know I can get it right there?

The point is, they’d want me to use their services, right? Then why don’t they use BOYWTmine? The traveling community (leisure, professional, etc.) are a weird bunch, I know this. Why not waste “our” own time sitting at home and looking up various destinations that “we” have no clue about and let Travelocity randomly show a few choice hotels for us to pick from and then “we” book whatever flights they have available without really knowing where the stops are and then when “we” get there just “wing it” to find things to do and then get home and complain that “we” didn’t have a great time because it was all too tedious. Or, worse yet, let’s not even book a vacation because it’s all so daunting. That’s completely absurd!!!! Just like you want to sell your wares, your food, your art to make a living or at least supplement your income, I, too need to feed my family and supplement my income, or as I call it, contributing to the integrity of my household. Some do go to work, solely to make money because they have to, I get it. But, I love what I do, not only in podcasting and media but in travel as well. I take my work very seriously. I take your free time and money very seriously. I want to help you manage it, use it better. Have a better time with your travels.

I can’t look at it as whining that people don’t use me, I look at it as, “hey! THIS is what I do for a living and I need you to help me.” Some of it is because people are just stubborn. The one that gets me is, while no one will admit it, they don’t want their friends to make money off of them. I spend plenty of money with my friends, on my friends, for my friends. Why can’t they do the same? I don’t care if it’s just, “well, we needed to fly to Chicago to pick up (blank).” I don’t care if it is, “well, I didn’t want to bother you at 10:30pm and I needed to get that ticket, fast.” I don’t care if it is, “well, it was a lot of work and I didn’t know how to get it across how I wanted to do it or where to go.” My answer is always the same… “I DO THAT!!” Ok, if it’s 10:30pm and you hit me up on Facebook, I may ask if it can wait until the morning, but if it’s really an emergency, there’s a chance I can get it for you, someway or another. Usually, it CAN wait and I can find them a better rate and honestly, I can make better money.

If I owned a bar and someone came in and just ordered Diet Coke, well I’m going to make about $.20 on that (I am being very guesstimatitive here, I don’t know how much they make on anything), but if they order a draft beer, well, heck, here let me get that real quick. They’re going to make a lot more on the alcohol. I make a lot more on the services I do, personally, but, it doesn’t usually cost the consumer any, or much more (reasonably) to use me.  PLUS, I know about the areas you’re traveling to, or the services you’re needing. I’m trained to do and know that. If I cost you $15 more than you’d do doing it yourself, I’d like to think that I am worth that $15. I’d like to think my family eating this week was worth your $15. Am I asking you to just give me $15? No. What it would take you to figure out where you are going, where you are staying or what to do when you get there will probably cost you (or your employer if you do it at work) or time from your family and friends, or that sports event or whatever, upwards of 10x that amount. What I’m saying, is not only am I paid to do a service, I’m doing YOU a service. I’m giving you back your family time, your work time, your alone time. I’m a time saver and I’m a hard working one at that.

Ok, so you just want to do that quick order off of Travelocity, I still have a way for you to help me, instead. How about instead of typing in Travelocity, you type in my website, instead? What’s that? It’s BeeOnYourWay.com. Just click the name, it’s a link. This is powered by Priceline and truly, I’ve found some of the best deals for me on that site. You can do flights only, you can do hotels only, you can rent cars, you can book cruises, you can do travel packages. You can do EVERYTHING you do on the other websites on mine and I promise the price is comparable if not better than any of the other places. If it’s something that goes beyond the scope of the website and you need a travel PROFESSIONAL’s advice, then call me, the number is on the website or hit me up in an email, or on Facebook. Heck, watch my Facebook page (my professional site) to see about promotions I may be running. I’ll admit it’s not updated as much as this blog, but it is worth checking out. So there, I’ve ranted and raved about it enough, at least this week, next week will be a different story, I think. Just, please, consider me for all your travel needs, no matter what it is.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine