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Have you ever heard a piece of music and then spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what it is? Usually, it’s easier if it’s a piece of pop music – any genre – because you can generally produce at least a line of lyric to put into the Googlematic Search Engine and get about 23 choices from a single line. That’s an amazing feature of the interwebs today.

But, what do you do if what you’re hearing is a piece of classical music? I know I’ve used the SoundHound app before to hum a song into it and it gives me choices of songs that sounds like it could be right. I don’t think that works very well with classical music. I was able to get Beethoven’s Fifth to come up from me doing the old “duh-duh-duh duhhhhh. duh-duh-duh duhhhhhhhhhh.” But, for the most part I find it is not able to pick up my best efforts of communicating with it when it comes to classical choices.

Let me give a little background of why I’m bringing this up: The BCPF and I were watching WWE Raw on Monday when a trailer for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 on DirecTV came on. For this trailer, which was made by DirecTV (as best I can figure), there was a piece of music that we heard. We knew that we both had heard it a million times and that it was a famous piece. From there, we muted Raw and went through some classical items trying to find out what it was. We both thought it sounded like Tchaikovsky, so we cranked up Rhapsody and went through the best known (and recorded) pieces of his. There were 100 of them and some of them were repeats or done by different performers. I went to the “similar artists” section to find more and nothing was coming up that sounded like we were wanting to know. So, I tried SoundHound and that didn’t work. Shazam doesn’t take humming or singing or live performances, only recorded ones. I tried to go back to the commercial trailer but there was so much talking in it that the music was drowned out. It was frustrating to say the least.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know where to look. Then it hit me. I have a friend, who happens to also be a huge fan of opera and, I gather, classical music in general. He’s always trying to get me to do an opera trivia category for the Pub Quiz at Finnigan’s Wake. So, on Tuesday morning, I sent him a message and told him that I was going to hum something to him that night and hopefully he could tell from that what song it was I was looking for. He asked for clues. I couldn’t find the Mall Cop trailer. Now, I got creative. On the Facebook messenger app (yes the one that people are still stupidly avoiding because they were duped by the talking heads about hating it) there is a feature where you can record voice messages.I sent him a message with me “dut-dut-duttin” and within seconds he had an answer for me. Then as I was looking up what he told me (William Tell Overture, no not the charge, etc.) he came back and told me that he was wrong that it was another piece of music instead. He is phenomenal and the reason I wrote this was to tell that he just “knows” it. Once I found out what it was,

I love “classical” music. I put it quotations because technically it’s not all classical. Classical is actually a period along with “romantic,” “baroque,” etc. But, what the layman calls classical, I love it. But, I’m not so well versed that I can name stuff right off my head. Some of it I can, but even the most famous pieces, mostly I can be lost in the dark. I’ve included another instance in which this piece of music was highlighted. Just around the 3:00 mark is the exact piece we were looking for. It was, after all, The Barber of Seville.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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