I’ve documented a lot of health happenings in the last bit, ad nauseum to many, I’m sure. If you’re one of those, Dear Reader, then I apologize, but I can’t escape them. But, there’s something that I’m noticing that I have questions about and, in some ways, annoyed gripes about.

The local “medical” corporation around here is Novant Health. I say corporation because they run more like a corp than an integrated health care system. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve taken good care of me, triple bypass, colonoscopy, false alarm, my son’s 2-3 head injuries, my GP, etc. All that’s fine and good. I appreciate that part.

But, here’s what I don’t get: why is that only about three-quarters of the Novant facilities on the MyChart system? And why is it that this three-quarters is the section that I have to constantly go to? They’ll schedule or give me instructions and I say, “well, I’ll just see it on MyChart.” They respond with, “oh, we’re not on MyChart. Here take this piece of paper that you’ll most likely misplace and be surenovant-health-header-gif to remember what we told you.” Yes, I can put it in my calendar (and I do), but sometimes I’ll call my doctor (or contact him via MyChart) and he’s not aware that I have an appointment scheduled. If it’s Novant, shouldn’t all of them be on the same system? The system is put into place to be a convenience both to me and to my medical team, however they’re spread across the spectrum. Mostly, it is but just enough isn’t to tick one off.

Another thing that perplexes me about Novant and their MyChart system is why, no matter which doctor that I go to, do I have to constantly fill out page after page after page of personal and family medical history and current medications and do I feel this, do I feel that? Am I safe in my own home? Do my living conditions create anxiety? Have I dropped my head, lost my spleen in a toy box full of smoked sausages or do I expect to donate my toenails to science? A bunch of mundane questions that mean nothing to anyone. Oh, I suppose there’s a “medical” reason for knowing all this stuff, but here’s the kicker. I answered all those questions already. Two weeks before. Three months before. A year before. And the answer to every single question and my complete history is on the MyChart system. Whether or not they’re “on” the MyChart System, they have access to it because the last one that “wasn’t” printed out info from it and had me confirm the info.

I get that perhaps each location needs their own copy or “version” of the info but wouldn’t it make more sense to just take the info from the system and print it out? Before the last one (the doc for which my gall bladder will belong), I had to do an “update interview” with my info. So, why not have me update the info every time I go to the doc and have me confirm it, not refill the entire sequence of boxes each single time?!? I have friends that work in the Novant Epic department (that’s what powers the MyChart engines, from what I know), I wonder if they can shed any light on that matter? No matter the reasons, there has to be a way to simplify and centralize this info. That’s the point, right? Fix it!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring health care system.” – Richard Lamm