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Chicago River Corridor (Photo© Huffington Post)

So, we pulled the trigger, yesterday. The BCPF has to go to Chicago, for a conference for work, during the first week of August and we decided that it would be good to get away for a few days. We’re going to be there from Monday August 3 thru Saturday August 8. 8/3-8/6 we’ll be at one hotel where the conference will held and then move to another hotel for the last two nights.  So, we booked the air and latter hotel today. I know a good travel agent. I’d be happy to recommend him to you.

Neither The BCPF nor myself have ever been to Chicago. Well, can I really say that? We spent six hours in O’Hare on our way to Europe. We just sat in Goose Island’s pub and drank Matilda and 312 from the tap. Let me tell you, Matilda tastes even better on tap in the town where it’s made. We will have plenty of free time, especially the days after the conference. So, that’s why I’m writing you, Dear Reader. What kind of advice can you give us on what to do, where to go, and what to look for. I’ll have to find ways to entertain myself while The BCPF is in conference.

I know I certainly want to have a real “Chicago” hot dog. I want to try Chicago pizza in Chicago. The Chicago White Sox are playing a day game on that Wednesday and the Winston-Salem Dash is a Sox farm team, so, even though I’m not a Sox fan, I can support those who support the home team, right? I may try to get to that game.

The second hotel is right next door to The Museum of Broadcast Communications and The National Radio Hall of Fame so I may try to spend some time in there. I know I’ll also belly-up to a bar or two, but I will have to find one close to me. So, I need some ideas of things to do, for me, yes, but also that The BCPF and I can do together in the evenings as well as the days after the conference. I know plenty of my friends are familiar with and some of you have actually lived there and I would love to hear about it. So, what can you give me? Throw it at me, lay it on me, let me have it and what have you. I await your responses and know that I really appreciate them.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.” – Frank Lloyd Wright