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So here it is, the latest on the “What the Heck is Wrong with Scorp” saga. The results of my ultrasound showed gallstones and from what they can tell, there’s a good bit of them and that could or could not create a problem for me, over time.

I went to a surgeon this morning with full intent on opting out of the surgery. “I don’t need it,” I would say, “I feel perfect; all is well.” Well, he said, “that may be true. You may feel great. But what about 6 months from now? 6 years? 6 hours? 6 minutes?!” I kept saying to myself, the pain wasn’t awful, just uncomfortable. But, he continued to say that I can certainly opt out but he didn’t see why. It’s a simple (still serious, but simple) procedure that won’t take any time, it will be done and there you have it. He said, too, that I will experience more trouble, just when?



Alright, alright, alright! I asked about alcohol: can I still (remember that was the first thing I asked the doctor before I agreed to the heart surgery)? He said I could go home the next day and have 2 if I wanted. He said there would probably be some diarrhea or something for the first bit and possibly for longer with greasier food because the bile storage would be missing, but I shouldn’t have too hard a time. I already have the “Beeman Belly.” That’s almost like that anyways. He said that sometimes people go home that day, but it’s most likely that I’ll spend the night. I don’t mind that. I kind of like being waited on hand and foot. All this and, of course, The BCPF would hammer me if I didn’t do it.

The surgery will be July 9, as far as I know. That’s a Thursday. That gives me some time to recover before Monday, as I record two podcasts on Mondays, one on Tuesday and three on Wednesday. The part that does scare me is the following Friday is the Vagabond Saints Society show of Bruce Springsteen at The Garage (the Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables) and I worry about the guttural nature of Springsteen. I think I’ll be fine and I’m counting on being there, so… (I’ll do another post about this show before it comes so stay tuned). And there you have it, Dear Reader, my medical saga continues. I’ll keep you as informed as you can stand it. Oh and Thursday’s blog (I do the Beer of the Week on Wednesdays), I’ll probably rant on Novant a little more. Maybe. Maybe not. I have other things to talk about.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’ve belched a lot more since I had gall bladder surgery. I don’t know why.” – Beth Ditto