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I went off on a tirade last week about being a travel professional and I didn’t want it to be in vain, so I set out to better empower myself for enhancement of the client experience. In doing so, I have now become both a Globus/Cosmos Specialist as well as a MoNoGRAMS specialist (also part of the Globus Family of Brands). It took some detailed video watching and some of the most in-depth questioning that I’ve really had to experience in specialist training before. It’s worth it, though. I like knowing what’s going on.

So, what does this mean? Well, to me, it means better access to marketing tools, better commissions and better knowledge of my products (not to mention discounts on my own travel). But, for you, the traveler? It means that I can offer you better service, more detailed and better informed answers and travel choices for you.  But, who/what is Globus, Cosmos, MoNoGRAMS (and Avalon)?

Globus is a high quality guided tour provider with close to 260 tours (combined Globus/Cosmos) across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. globus-tag-high-resThey offer the guided tours with the addition of a local host that knows the area and doesn’t let you get flustered. Don’t worry, there is plenty of free time for you to wander and do what you want. That’s one complaint I hear from people about guided vacations. They think they’re so restricting they will have to be drug around in a group all day. Nope, you’ll have plenty of free time plus when you are with the group, you’ll not wait in line to see sights and highlights. Imagine going to The Louvre and not having to wait 2 hours to see the Mona Lisa! No 3 hour wait to see the Colosseum in Rome. All transfers are handled by motor coach (not buses) and all the hotels are around 4 star quality and centrally located (around 15 minutes of city center). Cosmos is all that except more of a “budget” company. A few less tours but comparable and affordable. There are tours for less than $1000 per person (land only, air not included). The hotels are a little less centrally located but still high quality (usually 15 miles or so from city center). The location of the hotels really do make a difference in the cost. Not just with this, but with anything. You pay for location.

monograms-tag-high-resMoNoGRAMS (I write it that way because they do) is also a “tour” company but one that acts with a FIT (free independent travel) mentality. FITs allow you to choose every single hotel, every excursion, every rail or transfer, etc. That can and will cost you greatly. Some, though, want a more itinerary-favored trip but don’t want to travel within a big group. With MoNoGRAMS, that’s what you get. It’s more independently-minded but packaged. You get choice of predetermined hotels and you still get the local host. He or she is there to help you with all your accommodations and questions. There’s a lot more to the whole thing but I’d rather discuss that with you either on the phone, via Facebook, email or in person. I’m just giving a quick overview, here.

So, let me tell you more about what Globus Family of Brands can do for you! Hit me up.

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“Globus, part of the Globus family of brands, has been the leader in escorted tours, travel packages, and river cruises for more than 85 years.” – from Globus Website