I’m one hairy dude. I’ve had the ability to grow a full beard since I was about 15. Had a full mustache by then, for sure. My beard started out as peach fuzz, as we all do, but then became a veritable forest on my face. I was using electric razors until my freshman year in college. Someone talked me into using a blade razor (not the old timey ones where you unscrew the top and place a double-edger in there, although I did have one from my grandfather). I had always been afraid, because Ma Père didn’t really have a beard and he’d always used electrics (at least as I was within shaving age). He’s only grown one once that I can remember and that was after a long hunting trip. He kept it about a week after he got back. Couldn’t handle it.


Harry’s big shipment box freshly opened

Now me, on the other hand, have had a beard of some kind every day of my life save about two weeks (more in a minute) since I was 17. I had a friend (a girl of course) tell me to grow it, that’d I’d look “cute.” I’ve always been a sucker for that. Well, I did, but I still can’t stand having the hair on my neck grow. So I’d use an electric until, as I said, freshman year in college. The results were spotty. Enter the blade! It was a disposable razor and my skin had no clue what was happening to it. Shock would be a good word to describe it. Lots of razor rash but luckily, I didn’t really cut myself. I’ve always been careful and really have only cut myself shaving about 4 times ever (at least on my face… I won’t get into the others). Still I had to find non-perfumey aftershave and that’s hard; there was a lot of blood stained collars on my shirts.

I loved it when the “advanced” razors came out. “Three blades!” they said. Then four, then six, etc. I do like the feel of them. I’ve used a disposable since but mainly for travel purposes. But, the “advanced” blades? Those things are VERY expensive. $18 for a four pack (of the kind I’ve been using) and that lasts about a month and a half. Way too much money on blades, but I don’t need a full beard, either. A saw a commercial for Dollar Shave Club (the original with the bear and Allejandra the “worker”) and it was memorable. I was afraid to try it though. I didn’t know if the blades were right for my skin. I’d see a couple of friends recommend them. Then I saw another friend recommend something called Harry’s. Both companies offer the same quality razor that I’m used to but I don’t have to fight traffic. I don’t have to wrestle the key from the razor farm guard in a dingy major retailer. I don’t have to pay close to $20 per month just for 4 blades.

unnamed (1)

The Winston Set Proper

So, I struggled back and forth between DSC and Harry’s. Harry’s or DSC. The conundrum was massive. I was getting close to the end of the life of the last of the 4-pack that I had been pushing until I get my “membership razor.” In the end, I chose Harry’s. And, I’ll tell you why, but first, let me say, it was as close to a “coin flip” decision as you can get without actually doing it. With that, I do also recommend Dollar Shave Club. I’m not leaving them out, I just didn’t pick them as mine. Ok, on with the explanation, already!

Harry’s offers several monthly plans. I went with the one shipment every three months at $30 (that’s $10 per month) for eight blades. Also, this $30 includes two cans of shaving gel. Now, when I first ordered, I got the “Winston” model with the metal handle and not the heavy-duty plastic one (where I could pick my own color from orange, navy, ivory or olive) called the “Truman,” however, the promotion also included a free Truman handle so I picked orange because it is the new black, right? I will use that one as my travel razor and back up if something goes wrong with Winston. I didn’t opt in for the engraving of my initials in the metal handle. I’m vain, but not that much.

unnamed (2)

The Winston Handle

Included in the initial purchase was two big cans of the shave gel, the Winston, the Truman, ten blades (8 in the shipment and two with the Winston set), a cover for the blade and a little sample packet of aftershave lotion (I opted to not purchase that, yet). So it arrived in its box and I’m kind of disappointed that mine wasn’t in the blue box I’d seen, everything but what does that really matter? Nothing, it’s all about the deal and the shave, right?

So, that being said, this morning I got up, actually giddy with anticipation of using my new blade set which is saying something because I hate shaving. I squirted out a bit of shave gel and it was easy to foam. I put it on. It’s a little lighter in body than the Edge stuff I’ve been used to, that’s ok, though. The handle (Winston) fit good in my hand although it did wiggle a little when my hand was wet. Again, not a big deal.

unnamed (3)

The Truman Handle

The blade cartridge did seem a bit odd at first. To me it was like akin to disposable razors but really, within the second swipe down my face, that weirdness was gone. It is a little difficult to clean the blades between swipes. Generally, I wait until about every four swipes before I clean it and run water over both front and back of the blade. I have to tap it a little more on the sink to get the wet gunk unjammed but it does happen. The blades seem to be a little closer together than on the Gillette’s. The shave that I got afterwards was a great shave. It was close but I could tell a little bit of irritation setting in. This isn’t unusual for a Friday shave; I shave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday, given two days between instead of one, lets my face rest a bit. Wednesdays is a little less comfortable and Friday a little less than that. So this wasn’t unexpected.  But, you know what? I used the sample pack of aftershave and it was pretty good; good fragrance (not overly perfumed).

Overall, I’m going to say that this is a great deal, I am highly, very highly, recommending Harry’s to the serious shaver out there. If you’re a once a week or so kind of shaver, I don’t know. They do have have a five month plan which sends eight blades every five months. The shave was close, comfortable, accessible. The gel was just what I needed and perhaps I’ll look into the aftershave, although, I’m thinking I’ll probably go to the local barber and get some of what he uses because I love that smell in the barbershop. This would be worth it, though. Harry’s is one classy company and their products are top notch.  You can find more info about them on their website.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Harry’s was built out of respect for quality craftsmanship, simple design, modern convenience and most importantly for guys who know they shouldn’t have to overpay for a great shave.” – Harry’s website.