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This afternoon, for Second Sundays on Fourth (SSO4), we had a great crowd. It was a very hot day but that didn’t keep approximately 2,000 people from showing up. What those people got was great music. The headline band, Bio Ritmo were playing their last show before going on a mini-tour in Turkey and France. They played fantastic salsa music and the dancing in the street was in abundance. To me, though, the impressive thing of the day was the Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble.

According to their Wikipedia page: “The Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble is a musical group based at the Enrichment Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina formed from adults with developmental disabilities and professional musicians. It was founded in 1997 by director Aaron Bachelder from members of the existing student body of the Enrichment Center, an arts-based alternative day program for adults with disabilities.”  I thought they were fantastic.

The Enrichment Center's Percussion Ensemble at @sso4 #littleblockofawesome

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“I can get motivated seeing a kid at my son’s school overcome a learning disability.” – Jason Alexander