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3B finishes seventh grade today. Yes, I made him still go, because, even though I don’t agree with it, the state mandated that he be there. Make up days due to inclement weather is ridiculous. You can’t plan family outing because you’re not sure when school is going to let out, but that’s really just the light side of it. They mandate that so many hours must be spent in the classroom. Ok, I almost get that, but shouldn’t it be “quality” time in the classroom? I’ll explain:


Finally breaking out of 7th Grade

When they adjust the days to fit in the amount of “make up” time in the classroom, they don’t necessarily adjust the schedule for the EOGs. So, the EOGs end up being a full week, sometimes TWO before the “official end of the school year.” That means that the last 1-2 weeks in the classroom is a) busy work for the kids, b) busy work for the teachers because they have to still keep the kids in check and create activities when they should be preparing grades and breaking down their rooms, c) time that increases anxious students’ chances of getting into mischief because they’re not really doing school work and they get that they’re being held in a social systemic prison, d) dumb.

I think if they’re going to do the schedule like this, one of two things needs to happen. They need to be flexible on the EOG schedule (which I am against EOG standardized testing) which means if they add a week to the year, then add a week to the EOG schedule. Or, on the other hand, why not schedule, up front, enough days in the year? Then if they’re not needed, then scale them back. At least you won’t schedule family plans when you think you’ll be in school. If you get out early, then you get out early. Still you need to have flexibility in the EOG scheduling. That’s almost like a bonus, really.

A side note, again, I believe EOGs should be done away with. If anything they should only help, not hinder the students’ grades. A child can work their tails off for an “A” the whole year. Then so much emphasis is put on the EOG that this A Student freaks out, because some people just don’t test well or panic can set in, and totally flops the test, F. What does that do? It brings the A down to at least a B if not a C. I don’t know exactly how much weight the grade carries, so I can’t give an exact. But, that’s not fair. What happens if the kid somehow manages to get that D in a class that he/she thought they were going to fail. Then the test comes back and they failed that. That string they were holding on to is cut and they teeter over the edge.  I’m not trying to give a trophy to all the special snowflakes, though. They have to show their stuff over the year. The “standardized” tests are flawed and the “standard” that they’re going by isn’t a true reflection of societal norms. So, they need to overhaul that whole thing.

Anywhat! Congrats to 3B for making it out alive and here’s to the rising eighth grader. And, the state needs to revisit their planning policies for make up days. That is all.

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“Nothing could be as hard as middle school.” – Zooey Deschanel