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My day started great. A good night’s sleep, a good day kiss from my beautiful wife (The BCPF), a good shower, a Gilmore Girls piece on the Today Show. I stepped outside, it’s warm but not too. Sun is out and the day beautiful. I look up and can still see the moon out at 8:50 in the a.m. I take a video of it (my phone wouldn’t snap a picture) and posted it on Instagram. Start up Nigel and hear some good tunes on the radio.  Then, some not so great things happened.

I love days like this… It's the moon if you're wondering.

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I try not to sound like Eugene, or even buy into the idea that people in this town are horrible, crazy, or that the town is ugly, etc. I’m still not doing that. I find this town a very beautiful city and I love it. LOVE. IT. There are, however some dumb people in this town; every town, really. First, as I’m sitting at the top of the street off of which I live, waiting for the traffic to get past, this car pulls right up behind me and I can’t even see the front of their car. Nigel is quite short so if I can’t see your front end you’re on top of me. If I had put the car in reverse I’m pretty sure the backup camera would have shown them inches from Nigel’s backside. When I pull onto the next street this car tailgates me very closely. That street is prone to speed traps and I like keeping my driving record as clean as possible. I’m not going over the speed limit because you’re an impatient bastardo. Too bad. They pulled off at another street, which was good.

Next, as I’m sitting at the light at this very busy intersection (at least during rush hour) that sits next to a McDonald’s the light turns green and even as cars are starting to pull out, this car comes barreling through the light; a good 3 seconds after our light had turned green. Luckily, no one was hit. This is the same, exact intersection that I was driving through several years back and was hit by a drunk driver. Needless to say, every time I go through it, I look up the hill and down the hill to see if anyone is going to stop. Again, no one was hit or hurt. That was just dumb.

Driving down Peters Creek Pkwy to get to the studio to upload The Less Desirables and The Beer Dads podcasts as the internet was down in the studio last night, there was a truck that was coming toward me on a one-way street. It did get over and jump in front of right way traffic, eventually, but that was dumb.  Same street, two different instances of “dumb.” Let’s make it a trifecta.

Sitting at one of the several lights on Peters Creek, I was second in line behind the pole position at the light. The light turned green. Notice that I said the light turned green. All three cars across the lanes just sat there. I turned down my radio and listened out the sunroof to see if there was an emergency vehicle coming through that was holding them up. Nope, just three goofs with their heads down, doing something on their phones. Now, I’ll admit if I’m sitting at a light I may check my phone but if I’m in the leader spot, it’s my responsibility to watch that light. If I’m in second or further, then I can see the cars ahead of me move, but if you’re the one in charge of moving the line, then pay (expletive) attention!!!! I don’t get people sometimes.

Ok, fast forward about a half mile and there is someone going 30 in a 45 zone. I’m not necessarily a speeder but I have things to do. If it’s 45… GO FORTY-FIVE!!! Slow causes more accidents than speed, I think, at least in these instances. I have to go around them, which is difficult because three-wide-traffic is a pain when one of you so going slow and the others are checking their phones.

Finally, I get to the parking deck and look on Facebook to see a response to my moon vid and someone compliments me on the voice with a joking request to read a children’s story (which I acquiesced, by the way) and that made my day better. Thanks Shelley, you made my day. A cookie and an elder flower spritzer from Camino Bakery just sugared the crap away, too.

My question, really, is where the (expletive, again) are the police when people do dumb shite? Oh I know, they’re giving seat belt tickets to people who are ACTUALLY WEARING SEAT BELTS! I see people run lights and do dumb things all the time and the cops are never there. How about someone going close to 70 down Peters Creek (again, 45 zone), dodging around traffic (didn’t happen today)? Again, nothing. Now, don’t hear me wrong, I’m not blaming the fine officers of this great town (well, I am about the seat belt, that really happened, but not to me), I’m just stating that dumb gets away with dumb. Maybe it’s karma that isn’t stepping up to the plate like she should? I hope every one of the ones that put my blood pressure on medium-high heat all have completely crappy days. Nah, not really. I’m better now, but come on karma, you’re laying down on the j.o.b!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” – George Carlin