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Yep. I feel slightly better today. Thanks for asking, if you did. If you didn’t, oh well, thanks for not asking. I want to talk about something that has been going on for quite awhile. And, not it’s not something I don’t like. It’s something that I do like. It’s mine actually.

I may have posted about this before, but in addition to Tart & Tangy Triad, the food podcast that I produce along with co-hosting with The BCPF and Food Blogger Extraordinaire, Nikki Miller-Ka, we have a companion video called the “Appetizer.” It’s logosupposed to be a short little accompaniment to the full on podcast. The podcast and the video are part of The Less Desirables Network. Now, lately it’s gotten longer and I’m going to do something about that. But, the idea is to talk about things that we don’t talk about on the actual podcast, or at least go into more depth about something in the video that we may only touch on during the show.

Coming soon, it will have its own theme song (as opposed to using the same one as the regular podcast), be more informative and concise. The BCPF will give food history facts and Nikki will probably promote things going on in “Nikki’s World” or from the community. I basically will continue to pull hosting duties as I do already and that I do on the show.  These changes are a little bit away but don’t worry, I’ll keep you informed here. I’m hoping for a complete overhaul within a month or so.  There will probably be a companion video for The Beer Dads coming, as well. For now, head on over to YouTube, peek at the Tart & Tangy Triad Channel and watch a few vids and learn something. I (we) appreciate it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” – W.C. Fields