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I am going to apologize up front for the vague landscape of this post. This is just me getting stuff out. And let me say that this has nothing to do with the relationship between The BCPF and myself. We are all kinds of wonderful. This is about others.

There are times when I don’t understand people at all. There are times when I do, but mostly I don’t. Some people’s actions, they way they treat people around them (especially those who have been close to them and done much for them, with them, downloadetc.) totally befuddle me.  Especially when it come to relationships; love or otherwise.

Again, the need for vagueness is very deep here so I can’t really place much detail, at all, in this post. I’m steaming mad at particular people and I can’t say why which makes me even more mad. Backs have been turned and I believe irreparable damage is being caused to friends and others in their lives. To think that something that was all kinds of wrong the first time is being replicated at the expense of people close to you, the closest in some cases, is deeply heartbreaking.

And when it spills into my life? I try not to hold grudges, and this won’t be one, on my part. I just toss you aside and wash my hands of you. I know first hand and experience that life is short and I have no time for childish behavior, except from my child, who is thirteen. Eight grade tactics and actions are not something I want to deal with and, you know what? I don’t have to.

I apologize again, Dear Reader, for the abrasive and vague nature of the is post. I try to be chippy and cheerful, at least snarky and sarcastic, but this was not the time. To those who are still “with us,” I love you dearly. Those who aren’t, “bye Felicia.” Maybe you’ll grow up and be a man and/or woman, someday. (disclaimer: this person’s name is not Felicia and I’m not indicating whether they are male or female).

Until tomorrow (and I hope I’m in a better mood), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You can have a pet zebra and put that zebra into a small cage every day and tell the zebra that you love it, but no matter how you and the zebra love each other, the fact remains, that the zebra should be let out of that cage and should belong to someone who can treat it better, the way it should be treated, someone who can make it happy.” – C. JoyBell C.