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I don’t know that I’ve talked much about one of the things that I do. Of course, I talk about podcasting all the time, I do five shows of them a week. But, did you know that besides those The Less Desirables Network shows, that I actually produce podcasts for others? Perhaps you didn’t know it. But, I’m going to tell you about it in a sec. Actually, I’m going to recreate a post from the “website” to explain the podcast production aspect, again, in a sec.

But this company, which is called Such-N-Such Media, is more than that. We do video services: videoing events (seminars, procedural or instructional vids, etc.) and video editing services.  I have a virtual stable of voices, male, female, child, etc., to suit yourSNSMedia need for voice-overs (VO) that can range from commercials, animation, professional or industry instructional videos and so on. Basically, almost anything that is digital delivery, we want our hands in it and want to assist you (for a nominal fee, of course) in creating the digital deliverable that best suits your needs. But, hey, I promised you the post from the page. Here it is:

“Did you know that industry ‘professionals’ predict that about 50% of this year’s new automobiles will have internet connectivity and that by 2025, all of them will? We think that it will happen before then, especially with the way tech is exponentially growing.

Do you listen to podcasts? The statistic above means that podcasts can be accessed more easily than ever before. Podcasts are the top “new media” that takes what radio and television does into many new directions. You can already download podcasts to mobile devices and many car radios can now handle, via Bluetooth or auxiliary input, most mp3 players, smartphones and other of those mobile devices.

If you’ve listened to podcasts, do you think to yourself, ‘hey, I’d like to do that!’? Well listening to some of those podcasts you’ll notice that some sound really great but have questionable content or they are wonderfully concocted ideas but with shoddy production value. You can go out and pay THOUSANDS of dollars on expensive equipment or you can just get a cheap ‘at-home’ mic to use with Garageband or Audacity and create podcasts, either way, we ask… ‘why?’

While there are some great podcasts that are fully DIY, most aren’t. You probably work all day – all week – long and don’t have time to figure out what you’re supposed to do to have a podcast. Well, we’re here to simplify that for you.

We offer podcast production services. We do ALL the work for you: the recording, the setup, the phone call interview capabilities, the mixdown, the production, the RSS feed and perhaps most important of all, the space. No more having to take up the dining room table or that closet in your bedroom or (gasp) your shower to set up your mic, your note pads, your laptop, your headphones, everything. (Disclaimer: don’t take your electronic devices in the shower.)

We can make two guarantees: First: you can do it cheaper at home, but it won’t sound as good and it will still cost you time and money to set up. Second: with Such-N-Such Media, you will have a podcast that sounds better than 90% of the other podcasts out there with professional direction, production and advice. Your podcast is your content, what you do with it and where you take it (or where it takes you) is up to you.

Are you a business that wants to have your own business podcast and are thinking of hiring someone to handle that? Search no more, we’re cheaper than hiring a staffer, matching social security, benefits, etc. We work for you without the extra hassles of employees…”

And there you have it!  How is it that we can serve you today? Drop me a line here, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and let me know!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!