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I just witnessed the most spectacular live, in-car, auto crash in a race I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen crashes but this was just amazing. The only time I ever care about racing is watching Monte Carlo. Part of it is the cars and rules are fantastic, part of it is the scenery. The BCPF and I both want to go to Monte Carlo and Monaco, really, really badly.

Also, there was a leader that had up to a 20 second lead make a mistake (or his team did) and end up in third. The young man who had the crash is only 17 years old! He’s the youngest person to ever start and score in a F1 race. This is great stuff. I got the action on video and decided to share it with you. Happy Sunday on this long, holiday weekend.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m okay.” – Max Verstappen