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The Less Desirables Beer of the Week, brought to you by City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, is Deadeye Jack Seasonal Porter by Lonerider Beer.

I love Lonerider’s beer. One of my favorite beers of all time is Sweet Josie Brown Ale. I have been known to call her my “girlfriend” and that she dances on my tongue. I’m also a fan of Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen. Really, anything I’ve had from Lonerider, it’s been unnamedawesome. So, at 6% ABV, I’m looking forward to trying this brew.

This hint of chocolate morsel is just what the doctor ordered as far as I’m concerned. Porters are my absolute favorite style and this brewery from Raleigh is what we I’m looking for. North Carolina has really stepped up its beer in the last bit and I’m loving every bit of it. User ‘smakawat’ left the following description on BeerAdvocate: “Light bodied but thick enough to give some dark roast character. Chewy and husky grains of milk chocolate in the middle. There’s a noticeable cola sweetness to this, with also a light kind of body but it’s not horribly distracting, but does seem to detract from the exceptional bouquet and flavors hinted on the nose. Creamy tasting finish as well, still managing to give just enough depth away from the cola wet flavors and sensations.” I think that sums it up nicely.

If you’ve ever had this beer and want another or if you haven’t and want to try it, I’d head on down to City Beverage and get your own. They’re located at 915 Burke Street in West End just outside of downtown Winston. Let us know what you think of it. Listen to The Less Desirables and hear what we thought about it. That’s Eugene, Caitlin, Ryan Blain from Small Batch Beer and myself. Listen on the website, iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Pickle, Podfeed, Blubrry; anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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“A wandering Lonerider, never staying in one place too long. Deadeye Jack represents our seasonal porter consisting of a strong malty background with hints of roasted chocolate, subtle sweetness and low hop bitterness.” – Description from Lonerider Beer website.