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Tuesday. Tuesday night! For most Tuesdays it’s Trivia Night at Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen, the Official Emerald Isle of The Less Desirables.  When the season is happening, there are 30 questions asking of completely useless information. I am a trivia fan myself. Sometimes I know stuff and sometimes I don’t. I enjoy playing trivia and I enjoy knowing a bunch of crap. There are three rounds of ten questions each. The first and third are each categorically themed. Not together but two different. The second round is what I dubbed “Random Acts of Trivia” and that’s exactly what it is. Random with no structure, per se.

Every other week I play the role of each. Let’s say this week it will be Opie, the owner of Finnigan’s, administering questions. Then next week it will be me that asks them. We alternate as so we neither get burned out on doing the questions. It’s a difficult task coming up with categories every week. The questions write themselves but the categories? Those are difficult.  My go-tos are music (specifically Rolling Stone Top 500 songs of all time, lyrics, etc.), movies (quotes, characters, Finnigans_Wake_Logo_2directors, etc.), geography, culture, pop culture, food and beer and so on. My random questions are 50/50 on out right random and current events.

Opie’s questions on the other hand are a bit more bizarre. It can range from gestational periods of animals to venereal disease to which way the wind blows and “this or that.” There are a lot of 50/50 questions like “yes or no,” “true or false,” and the aforementioned “this or that.” The question as to which of us have the harder questions are a matter of perspective. If random weirdness is your thing, my questions will be harder. If logical categories that have a little more need for accuracy is your thing, then Opie’s will be harder. Not saying either are better (but I’ll say that mine are better just because I’m biased).

We accept teams up to 6 people (we’ll accept 7 under special circumstances). It is a “league” so the scores are accumulative and the season lasts about 12 weeks or a quarter. We generally take a 1-2 week break in between. And prizes? Well, each week the team with the highest score wins up to four $15 Finnigan’s gift certificates (if you have 5 or more players, then you’ll have to fight over who gets the certs) and then we do a game of chance, either dice or drawing a number for a consolation prize. That can be anything from $5 certs to swag; you never know.  At the end of the season the team with the most accumulated points wins and that could be anything as well. The team with the most wins that doesn’t win the points championship wins second place. That puts an emphasis on winning each week.

We start a whole new season tonight. All scores are reset; tabula rasa, clean slate. So bring your friends and see if you know as much as you think you do. The festivities start at or around 8:20pm. Finnigan’s Wake is located at 620 N. Trade Street in Winston-Salem. We have a good time and you should, too. Come have some Scotch, beer or Coke and join us!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.” – Robbie Coltrane