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Ok, so after the mediocre response to last week’s beer, this week, City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor for The Less Desirables, presents Not Your Father’s Root Beer by Small Town Brewery from Wauconda, IL. I can only surmise that they’re from Wauconda because nowhere on their packaging or on their website does it say where they’re from. I only found it on a press release that was linked from their site.

This is only 5.9% but the stuff they have on tap in their brewpub, according to BeerAdvocate and Beer Hoptacular, is at 10%.  I wish this was 10%.  BeerAdvocate has it rated at a whopping 95! Untappd has it at 4.29 out of 5. I LOVE root beer, it used to by my soft drink of choice. I have high, well, let’s say I have “hopes” for this beer. When I asked Spencer at City Beverage he said it’s basically an alcoholic root beer. He said he hates root beer so he won’t even try it. He said, “but, we got 12 cases in and we’re unnameddown to only four. People have been waiting for this one.” I paraphrased there. So, it must have a reputation that I didn’t know about, but people are buying it up. The packaging says “Ale with the taste of spices.”

So I don’t really know what more to say about that other than go to City Beverage, at 915 Burke Street in the West End District of Winston-Salem and pick up some of this brew, tune in late tonight or early tomorrow on The Less Desirables website, iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Pickle, Podfeed, Blubrry or anywhere else you’re apt to download podcasts from and see how Eugene, our special guest host CW, our Official Guest, Teddy Burris and I, rate this beer. It should be interesting.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Growing up, I had never heard the complete story about my great-great-grandfather until I expressed an interest in making my own beer.    When I told my mom that I planned to open a brewery, she finally revealed my family’s beer making history and why brewing was “in my blood.”   Using some of my great-great-grandfather’s recipes as inspiration, I founded Small Town Brewery.   At Small Town, our goal is to honor my family’s beer making tradition by creating specialty beers with unique and flavorful ingredients.” – Tim Kovac, founder, Small Town Brewery