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So here it is. The 200th blog post. Not the 200th since I started writing a blog, mind you, as I had another blog for a while on Blogger. The 200th since I started this version of the blog. This number is big for me. The bulk of the posts coming from my writing for NaBloPoMo on November 1, 2014. That was thirty days of posts, without missing any days, and I did that with intentions of stopping the daily thing on December 1.  Well, I can’t do that, I have an addiction to streaks and couldn’t stop.


Why, yes. Yes it is.

I have written about a lot of stuff in my 200 posts. It really got started with two major episodic writings. One was The Honeymoon Chronicles, where I wrote about The BCPF‘s and my wedding and honeymoon, the events, the hotels, the train rides, the cities and the food. Oh my goodness, the food. I love European food. Our time in Europe was awesome and we can’t wait to go back and to more writings about it.  I’d like to actually take a film crew and do it for a mini-doc series or something bigger. That’s dreaming, there.

The other major episodic series was and has been the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time. I seems I have a list fetish, or so Eugene would have you think of me. The list is up to eighteen parts so far, each highlighting a ten-album segment. I give my take on each album (and yes, I skip greatest hits and compilations) with what history I may have found about it, my thoughts on the instrumentation, my history with the genre or artists of each one, what I think about their positioning and I give it a rating of either “dug” or “didn’t dig” or a variation therein. We’re not even halfway through, but when I get on a roll, I can crank out one a week. If it’s not quality, I take more time, when needed.

Things have become somewhat routine but at the same time, it’s still fresh to me. If I didn’t enjoy doing it, I’d stop. Routines would be on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday is for The Less Desirables Beer of the Week, brought to you by City Beverage. That’s so the people that may listen on Wednesdays (or anytime, really) to the latest webisode of TLD can know what beer we’re enjoying. They’ll have to listen to hear our ratings. On Saturday, however, I give a full on recap of the Movie of the Week, brought to you by a/perture Cinema, that I featured on the past Wednesday; what I thought, would I recommend it, etc. And Sundays is my relaxation day, at least in theory. I call it “Silent Sunday” and the idea was that I’d just post a picture of something that I found interested, usually something that The BCPF and I did over the weekend or some special event of the week, etc. That grew from a small synopsis to sometimes lengthy explanations. I’ve had a few “Silent Sundays” that have had a higher word count than everyday posts.

Another reason I kept up past NaBloPoMo was that I was afraid that I’d get out of the habit of writing and I didn’t want to lose that momentum. I love writing and it’s my way to be a “published” writer whilst writing for myself and it allows me to write about anything that I want. Not only do I do it here, I write for The BCPF’s and my food blog: The Man Who Ate the Town: a Food Blog and sometimes even write original content for Camel City Dispatch or have my articles or blog posts from here or “TMWATT” re-posted on CCD. I repeat, I love writing.  But, I have to keep at it. I appreciate you, Dear Reader, keeping me company and keeping up with these writings. I hopefully have many more to do.

Oh and since you’ve definitely not seen it enough today, May the Fourth Be With You!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I started blogging a decade ago because I like blogging. Writing’s a kind of lonely thing to do, and I liked the idea of demystifying the process because I loved it as a kid and teenager and as somebody who wanted desperately to write.” – Neil Gaiman