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If you’re not familiar with Eddie Garcia, then you’re not “in the know.” Eddie was the guest on last night’s The Less Desirables and he was a hoot. He sat and talked to Eug and I about his music, his radio life and just life in general. We heard a lot about the history of Jews & Catholics and we touched on some of what he’s doing now – his release, if you will – 1970s Film Stock.  We also talked about his work on the local NPR station, WFDD, 88.5.  Eddie’s quality dude and this area is blessed to have him on. Funny, talented and down to earth would be a good description, I think.


Eddie Garcia on The Less Desirables

Now, I’m not going to go deep into what we talked about because you’ll have to listen to the show to hear the dealio. But, Eddie imbibed on some beer, stated his favorite shows of all time and his favorite movies of all. Usually, Eugene and I ask for 3 of each but he couldn’t limit them down.  He couldn’t just say “these three.” I think it was easier a list for TV than it was for films.  Eddie’s passionate about his music, that’s for sure and we heard two songs from his body of work: “Civilized” by Jews & Catholics and “Sling for Skeletons” by 1970s Film Stock.

The interview was great and his thoughts on a lot of what we talked about was insightful, fun and witty. Just a great guest, I say. If you haven’t listened to this week’s webisode yet, then what are you waiting on!? Get steppin’, Chester! You can listen to it streaming on the website, on iTunes, Podcast Pickle, Podfeed or Stitcher. You can subscribe and the new ones are always waiting on you on Thursday mornings. Drop us a line via email, Twitter or the Facebook page (you can find all the addresses and info on the website) and tell us what you think or send hate mail, as well.

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“Will your wild away. Lets pretend we’re civilized. We’ll make an instant pact to not look back until the end of time. Will your wild away.” – Eddie Garcia, “Civilized” by Jews & Catholics