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Is it just me or are the Kansas City Royals (always the underdogs and always a team that I at least root for) falling apart? Are they a group of thugs? And by thugs, I’m not stereotyping any ethnic groups (I don’t think/talk like that), I mean just plain bullies or instigators; goons, if you will. I hope that’s not the case. Baseball is a man’s sport, yes, but being a man doesn’t mean you have to let your testosterone run roughshod all over everyone else.

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox

Who me? (photo© Getty Images)

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t really know all the details but from what I’ve read, the White Sox and Athletics aren’t free of fault, but what is it about KC that makes the teams lose their minds? From what I can tell, it’s just a bunch of bad decisions that seemingly garner retaliation. I know there is bending rules, modes of play that are extra physical and what have you, but when it seems you’re out to get someone, especially when it could be potentially career-threatening, or worse, is that worth it? It’s a danged game.

TC brought up the question on Fan Interference if there should be harsher punishments for retaliation. I think there should be. You have a guy slide into 2nd Base and it’s rudimentary to try to disrupt the possibility of a double play. That’s the game. But, when you try to take someone out, and I mean OUT, then that’s a problem. Not only is it detrimental to the game, there’s a possibility of ending someone’s career, a blown knee, a testicular accident, and so on. But, okay, so it happened. The 2nd Baseman thinks it was intentional and he goes to the dugout and complains. That base runner gets up to bat the next time and the pitcher tries to ping him in the head with a 90 MPH fast ball. Madness ensues and the benches clear. People get punched, injured, ejected, etc. What good did that do? Then the next inning when the last pitching team is up to bat, the attacked player’s team then tries to beam a batter. It’s one-upping constantly. When does it end? If you get hit with a 90 MPH fast ball to the skull, there is a very good chance you can get a concussion, lose eyesight, perhaps permanently, or even a slight chance of death. Is that worth it. If that happens and it can be proven it was intentional, there should be murder charges brought, I think.  I don’t know if this scenario is what happened with KC or not, but it doesn’t matter. Something happened.


Fan Interference Podcast

A totally different team next, Chicago White Sox and it’s who can show the other “what for” the best. There is no what for to show! Can’t you play the game for the game, you wusses? Play baseball. Leave dodgeball for the recreation leagues and Ben Stiller. Grow up and quit being cowards.  One thing the White Sox/Royals game showed was unsportsmanlike behavior on both Royals pitcher, Yordano Ventura, and White Sox outfielder, Adam Eton. Eaton supposedly said something to Ventura when he hit a hot hopper back to the mound. As Eton was on the way to first, Ventura said something to Eton which cleared the benches but it seemed like everyone gained control.  According to Yahoo! Sports, however, that was short lived. Yahoo! Sports says: “White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija went after Royals outfielder Lorenzo Cain, causing a scrum on the field. As Samardzija charged at Cain, one Royals player, possibly Edinson Volquez, took a swing at Samardzija. Samardzija was eventually separated from the fray.” That’s crazy. Several people were ejected, and rightly so.

To bring a point back around, I think yes, there should be more strict punishment for retaliation.  I know it’s hard to prove retaliation as opposed to unintentional. I get that. But, like TC said, if you can throw 30-50 pitches consistently with great control, that one probably wasn’t really an “oopsie.” Punishment for me should be severe. If you go for a batter’s head, I think it should 30 games, minimum. Not only that, you should be fined a substantial amount. On top of that, the manager of the team should serve a suspension of some degree and also have a fine levied. Also, the team should have a fine equal to the player and managers with possibilities of draft pick losses (not that they mean that much in baseball).  Why the manager and the team? The team has to do something to reign in the staff. The manager, whilst he may or may not have given the order to sic’em, he needs to get control of the team and encourage the best play from the team. Let it roll off your back and move on. The manager is just that: THE MANAGER. Manage. Now if you hit someone in the back or in the legs, well that’s baseball. Taking someone out isn’t, but you can still be ejected for it and fined. The bottom line is: get them where it hurts them – the pocketbook.  That is the only way that Major League Baseball is going to get control of this pandemic situation. Again, I say, GROW UP! Then again, I may be totally off base on this one, but I at least believe what I believe; see it how I see it. Okay, rant over. Soapbox going back in the corner.

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“Sometimes boys will be boys and I think that was a situation where we had some excitement.” – Adam Eton (via @scottmerkin on Twitter)